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Endpaper of the Burstow KJB. Used with permission. (3.5MB)

  • This endpaper suggests the Burstow KJB was owned by an 'Issac Watts' in 1661, although his identity is far from certain.

The Provenance of the Burstow KJB

It is unclear when Burstow acquired its copy of the KJB. The church was almost certainly not the original owner.

The book is too small to be used for preaching, and was probably intended for private study. The Canterbury KJB, a folio edition, is of a much more appropriate size for use in churches.

In 1661 the Burstow KJB was in the possession of one Isaac Watts. It is possible this Watts was the father of a composer of hymns of the same name.

Other names, in handwriting dating to a number of later periods, appear throughout the book.

Provenance is only one of many questions about the Burstow copy that remain unanswered.

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