Untitled [Table runner]

Untitled [Table runner], Ngarita Johnstone, Embroidery on linen. UC/MBL/2271

Ngarita Johnstone, Embroidery on linen. UC/MBL/2271

This table runner is another item from Ngarita Johnstone’s embroidery portfolio, completed whilst studying at the Canterbury College School of Art. Its bold and decorative pattern is ideal for its purpose, which was to be placed at the centre of a dining table. It features a central row of bright pink diamonds, which are framed by more interlocking pink outlines and four-leafed flowers. Inside each diamond is a peacock, which turns to face its neighbour. Like Johnstone’s Assisi Tablecloth, she has here chosen to leave the main animal motifs blank, filling in the background only.

Ngarita Johnstone : A selection of artworks

Click on the thumbnails to discover more about this striking selection of artworks by Ngarita Johnstone. Images selected and written about by Alice Tappenden.

Assisi Border, Ngarita Johnstone, Graphite, pen, wash, and twink on paper, mounted. UC/MBL/2248
Untitled [Table Cloth with Assisi Border], Ngarita Johnstone, Embroidery and cross-stitch on linen, Date unknown. UC/MBL/2274
Panel in Appliqué, Ngarita Johnstone, Watercolour with applique stitches, c. 1950. UC/MBL/2105
Untitled [Nativity Illumination], [Ngarita Johnstone], Illuminated calligraphy on paper mounted in cardboard frame. UC/MBL/2198
Untitled [Embroidery Sampler], Ngarita Johnstone, 1947, Embroidery on Linen with cotton, silk and wool threads. UC/MBL/2240
Untitled [Place Setting], Ngarita Johnstone, Embroidery on linen. UC/MBL/2270
Untitled [Table runner], Ngarita Johnstone, Embroidery on linen. UC/MBL/2271
Trees near Te Anau, Ngarita Johnstone, 1990, Graphite and coloured pencil on paper. UC/MBL/2285
Percival River, Hanmer, Ngarita Johnstone, Watercolour on paper. UC/MBL/2331
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