Floral Design

Floral Design, James Johnstone, Graphite and watercolour on paper. UC/MBL/2109

James Johnstone, Graphite and watercolour on paper. UC/MBL/2109

Attributed to James Johnstone, this floral design exemplifies his training and interest in the Arts and Crafts movement, and in particular, British designers such as the eminent William Morris. Johnstone has created a stylised, symmetrical design that could easily be applied to everyday objects in the form of wallpaper or fabric. The pattern begins at the bottom of the paper, with a curving group of flowering teal-coloured petals. Thin green stems emerge from these and grow upwards, shooting off in the centre and looping back on themselves while the central stem continues towards the top of the design, where it emerges in a flourishing display of burnt orange and purple flowers. The pattern is simplified yet elegant, representing the essence of the plant rather than a detailed description. Colours are confined to precise borders, with only slight tonal variation occurring with the build-up of watercolour; allowing for block printing should the pattern be used for commercial products.

James Johnstone : A selection of artworks

Click on the thumbnails to discover more about this striking selection of artworks by James Johnstone. Images selected and written about by Alice Tappenden.

Allandale Springtime, James Johnstone, c. 1953. Oil on Canvas. UC/MBL/2330
Untitled [Botanical Drawing], James Johnstone, Graphite and watercolour on paper, 1920. UC/MBL/2133
Untitled [Design for Chalice], James Johnstone, Pencil and ink drawing on paper, Date unknown. UC/MBL/2061
Untitled [Sheet of sketches for decimal currency], James Johnstone, Graphite, pen and ink on paper, c. 1966. UC/MBL/2138
Diploma of the Edinburgh College of Art, presented to James Alexander Johnstone, 1920. UC/MBL/2151
Floral Design, James Johnstone, Graphite and watercolour on paper. UC/MBL/2109
Untitled [Head Study], James Johnstone, Charcoal on paper, 1913. UC/MBL/2154
On the Solway, James Johnstone, Oil on canvas. UC/MBL/2236
Untitled [Design for Centennial Stamp, ChristChurch Cathedral], James Johnstone, c. 1949, Watercolour on paper. UC/MBL/2103
Untitled [The Camp, Woodend], James Johnstone, 1945, Oil on canvas. UC/MBL/2212
Untitled [Woodend Beach], James Johnstone, 1945, Oil on canvas. UC/MBL/2217
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