Herea tō waka | Orientation Day Friday 18 February 2022

Registrations open Monday 24 January 2022

Date: 9.00am - 2.00pm, Friday 18 February 2022
Starting from: Clyde Road car park or Haere-roa entrance
What to bring: My Vaccine Pass, Event Ticket & Cash for the food stalls

UC Herea tō waka | Orientation Day (O Day) is the best way to find out what university life has to offer.

It takes place the Friday before term starts and is a chance for new students to connect with their peers, get amongst the UC community, explore the campus and find out what they need to know for day one at UC.

O Day is exclusive for students new to UC including an opportunity for whānau and parents to find out more about how to support their new student at UC.

The phrase ‘herea tō waka’ means ‘tie up your waka’ and is a reference to what we do when our waka (sailing vessel) comes into landing – we tie it firmly to the shore so that it doesn’t drift away.

The thought behind our translation is that the waka is a metaphor for our students arriving here at UC. On your first day (Orientation Day), you are metaphorically tying your waka to the shoreline that is UC to ensure your grounding here is firm.

Attendance at O Day is expected and considered essential for a successful start, so get ahead on your new life at UC and plan to come along. 

*My Vaccine Passes: This event is operating under the COVID-19 traffic light system. Vaccination passes will be a requirement for all attendees at this event including speakers, staff, and volunteers. 

All attendees must present an official ‘My Vaccine Pass’ for scanning on entry at one of our two trails to a dedicated staff member before proceeding into the event. 

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