Ernesto Hernandez SP

PhD CandidateErnesto Hernandez

Research Title: Seismic response of rubberised concrete members

Ernesto’s research interests focus on modelling, mechanical behaviour, and sustainability of concrete structures. His PhD research explores the use of recycled rubber in concrete as a partial solution to disposing of scrap tyres in New Zealand. This research includes three main components: the development and characterisation of the material, the effect of confinement in the compressive behaviour, and the cyclic behaviour of beam-column members. During his PhD studies, Ernesto has also investigated the effect of steel fibres in the peak and post-cracking shear response of hollowcore slabs and the use of locally available materials for developing sustainable High and Ultra-High-Performance Concretes.


Start date: 2019

Proposed end date: 2022

Type of position sought: Research, Industry