Alberta Ardid

Postdoctoral ResearcherAlberto Ardid

Internal Phone: 90048


Research Interests

My research focuses on volcanoes, geysers and geothermal fields. I use geophysics, python and math to infer the physical properties of these systems.
My guiding principle is applying geophysical methods combined with computational and mathematical techniques to develop innovative solutions led by modelling under uncertainty with a strong commitment to effective communication for supporting decision-making processes.

Currently, I'm focusing on volcano eruption forecasting using seismic data combined with machine learning. These new techniques could be extremely useful for volcanic data analysis that could potentially revolutionise how volcanic observatories and volcanic hazard management currently monitor and interpret seismic data.

Recent Publications

  • Ardid A., Dempsey D., Caudron C. and Cronin S. (2022) Seismic precursors to the Whakaari 2019 phreatic eruption are transferable to other eruptions and volcanoes. Nature Communications 13(1)
  • Dempsey DE., Kempa-Liehr AW., Ardid A., Li A., Orenia S., Singh J., Tyler AJ. and Cronin SJ. (2022) Evaluation of short-term probabilistic eruption forecasting at Whakaari, New Zealand. Bulletin of Volcanology 84(10)
  • Ardid A., Archer R., Bertrand E., Sepulveda F., Tarits P. and Dempsey D. (2021) Heat Transfer Through the Wairakei-Tauhara Geothermal System Quantified by Multi-Channel Data Modeling. Geophysical Research Letters 48(8)
  • Ardid A., Dempsey D., Bertrand E., Sepulveda F., Tarits P., Solon F. and Archer R. (2021) Bayesian magnetotelluric inversion using methylene blue structural priors for imaging shallow conductors in geothermal fields. Geophysics 86(3): E171-E183.
  • Ardid A., Vera E., Kelly C., Manga M., Munoz-Saez C., Maksymowicz A. and Ortega-Culaciati F. (2019) Geometry of Geyser Plumbing Inferred From Ground Deformation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 124(1): 1072-1083.