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Email: civilenquiries@canterbury.ac.nz

Academic staff

Aatif Khan

Fire Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Structural fire safety
- Smart firefighting
- Data driven and physics assisted AI applications ...

Aisling O'Sullivan

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Clean Water Treatment Technologies
- Water Quality Monitoring and Modelling
- Life Cycle ...

Alessandro Palermo

Postgraduate Research Director On Sabbatical Sept 2022-Sept 2023
Fields of Research:
- Bridge Engineering
- Seismic resistant low-damage technologies
- Post-tensioned timber ...

Allan Scott

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Durability of reinforced concrete structures
- Concrete materials
- Corrosion of metals

Andres Valencia

Fields of Research:
- Wildfires
- Fire engineering
- Fire dynamics
- Computational Fluid Dynamics
- Sprinkler ...

Anthony Abu

Associate Professor
On sabbatical 2023. FENZ Structural Fire Engineering; Director of Studies (Fire)
Fields of Research:
- Design of structures in fire conditions
- Design of steel, composite steel and concrete ...

Brendon Bradley

Director of QuakeCoRE
Fields of Research:
- Seismic hazard analysis and ground motion prediction
- Seismic risk and loss analysis and ...

Brian Guo

Senior Lecturer
Construction Management Director of Studies
Fields of Research:
- Construction health and safety
- Building energy
- Building performance design and ...

Charles Fleischmann

Fields of Research:
- Compartment fire modelling
- Fire dynamics
- Fire engineering

Chin-Long Lee

Associate Professor
On Sabbatical Sept-Nov 2022
Fields of Research:
- Earthquake Engineering
- Nonlinear Structural Analysis
- Structural Dynamics and ...

Christopher McGann

Senior Lecturer Above the Bar
Director of Studies, Undergraduate
Fields of Research:
- Structural and geotechnical earthquake engineering
- Constitutive modeling
- Numerical ...

Craig McConnochie

Senior Lecturer
4th year Director of Studies
Fields of Research:
- Environmental fluid dynamics
- Turbulent plumes
- Natural ventilation
- Convection
- Climate ...

Daniel Nilsson

Head of Department
Fields of Research:
- Human Behaviour in Fire
- Emergency Evacuation
- Way-finding Systems
- Emergency Notification ...

Daniel van der Walt

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Procurement
- Asset Management
- Pavement Engineering
- Network Data
- Construction
- Productivity

David Dempsey

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Volcano eruption forecasting
- Magma hydrothermal systems
- Geothermal fields
- Induced ...

Derek Li

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Smart water systems
- energy harvesting
- acosutic signal processing
- non-destructive ...

Eric Scheepbouwer

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Construction
- Project Management
- Cost Engineering
- Risk Management

Frances Charters

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Stormwater treatment and blue-green infrastructure
- Water quality characterisation ...

Gabriele Chiaro

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
- Environmental Geotechnics
- Computational ...

Giuseppe Loporcaro

Senior Lecturer
Architectural Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Additive Manufacturing and 3D Concrete Printing
- Sustainable materials in ...

Gregory MacRae

Fields of Research:
- Steel structure design
- Earthquake engineering
- Structural dynamics
- Low damage ...

Hamish Mackey

Senior Lecturer Above the Bar

Jannik Haas

Senior Lecturer
Civil Systems Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Future energy systems
- Power-to-X economy
- Negative-carbon society
- Green farming
- Energy ...

Larry Bellamy

Ada Rutherford Professor of Architectural Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Building energy engineering
- Sustainable building materials and design
- Building envelopes ...

Mark Davidson

Fields of Research:
- Environmental fluid mechanics
- Wastewater disposal

Mark Milke

On Sabbatical July-December 2023
Fields of Research:
- Solid waste (rubbish) management
- Environmental engineering
- Systems, decision, and risk ...

Mark Stringer

Senior Lecturer
2nd Year Director of Studies
Fields of Research:
- Liquefaction
- Undisturbed soil sampling
- New Zealand soils

Markus Pahlow

Senior Lecturer Above the Bar
On Sabbatical 2023
Fields of Research:
- Engineering Hydrology
- Water Resources Management
- Sustainable Development

Matthew Dudzik

Architect in Residence
Research Interests:
In addition to being Architect in Residence at UC's Department of Civil & Natural Resources Engineering, I am the Creative Director of DUDZIK ...

Matthew Hughes

Senior Lecturer
Humanitarian Engineering (Co-director)
Fields of Research:
- Humanitarian Engineering
- Integrating Indigeneity with Engineering and Science
- Community ...

Mehdi Keyvan-Ekbatani

Associate Professor
On Sabbatical Sept 2022-July 2023
Fields of Research:
- Urban and Motorway Traffic Flow Modelling and Control
- Traffic state estimation
- Automated ...

Misko Cubrinovski

Fields of Research:
- Geotechnical earthquake engineering
- Soil liquefaction: evaluation and remediation
- Seismic ...

Mofreh Saleh

Director of Taught Masters and Director of Transportation Programme
Fields of Research:
- Asphaltic concrete materials
- Finite elements modelling for pavement materials
- Pavement ...

Pedro Lee

Associate Dean (Academic) - Faculty of Engineering and Forestry
Fields of Research:
- Flow hydraulics of open compound channels
- System control theory for fault detection in ...

Rajesh Dhakal

Head of Department
Deputy Head of Department
Fields of Research:
- Seismic performance of non-structural elements (SPONSE)
- Low-damage building ...

Reagan Chandramohan

Senior Lecturer
On Sabbatical 2023
Fields of Research:
- Seismic Hazard, Risk, and Reliability Assessment
- Performance-Based Earthquake ...

Rebecca Peer

Senior Lecturer
Civil Systems Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Sustainability
- Energy systems
- Water systems
- Climate change
- Data science

Ricardo Bello-Mendoza

Associate Professor
Humanitarian Engineering (Co-director) On Sabbatical in 2023
Fields of Research:
- Anaerobic processes for wastewater treatment and bioenergy production
- Degradation of water ...

Robin Lee

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Earthquake engineering
- Earthquake ground motions
- Numerical simulations

Santiago Pujol

Research Interests:
Santiago Pujol is Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Canterbury. Prior to moving to New Zealand, he was Professor of Civil ...

Simone Larcher

3rd Year Director of Studies
Fields of Research:
- Removal of emerging contaminants and endocrine disrupting compounds
- Low-impact wastewater ...

Tim Sullivan

Fields of Research:
- Seismic Design and Assessment
- Displacement-based design
- Seismic Performance of ...

Tom Cochrane

Fields of Research:
- Hydrology
- Hydropower
- Water resources modelling
- Sediment transport and ...

Tom Logan

Senior Lecturer
Civil Systems Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Climate Change Adaptation
- Risk Science
- Urban Science
- Infrastructure Systems
- Resilience

Tonny de Vries

Senior Lecturer
Research Interests:
Irrigation engineering, climate change, water resources engineering, agriculture

Wai Wong

Lecturer, Transportation Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Smart City Development
- Big Data Analytics
- Intelligent Transport Systems
- Statistical ...

Wentao Wu

Senior Lecturer, Architectural Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Renewable energy fuelled community-scale heating and cooling
- low-carbon building ...

Yi Wang

Lecturer, Transportation Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Transport Network Design
- Sustainable Transport
- Resilience of Transport Infrastructure ...

Elizabeth Ackermann

Senior Department Administrator
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E423
Internal Phone: 94116

Olive Dalton

Systems Manager
Room: E212C, Civil/Mech Building
Internal Phone: 93153

Laura Flaunty

Department Administrator
Taught Masters Administrator
Internal Phone: 91817

Veronika Letufuga


Lourdes D'Coutho

Department Administrator
Internal Phone: 93015

Catherine O'Shaughnessy

Undergraduate Administrator
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E424
Internal Phone: 95880

Rashmi Natarajan

Department Engagement Specialist
Internal Phone: 92369

Paul Strange

Specialist System Support
Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, E212D
Internal Phone: 93157

Susan Crichton

Development and Operations Manager
Room: E441 Civil/Mechanical Building
Internal Phone: 90188


Kim Parrent

Senior Tutor
E320 Civil/Mech Building
Internal Phone: 94640

Postdoctoral Fellows and Researchers

Alberto Ardid

Post Doctoral Researcher
Internal Phone: 90048

Arun Kumar Manickavasagam

Post Doctoral Fellow
Level 3, Civil/Mechanical Building Rm E312
Internal Phone: 90417

Chris de la Torre

Post Doctoral Fellow
Level 3, Civil/Mechanical Building Rm E302

Cong Tran

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Internal Phone: 90133

Daniel Bishop

Post Doctoral Fellow

Humayun Khan

Post Doctoral Fellow
Level 3, Civil/Mechanical Building Rm E303
Internal Phone: 91693

Ken Wai

Post Doctoral Fellow
Internal Phone: 91420

Kieran Haymes

Post Doctoral Fellow

Maxim Millen

Post Doctoral Fellow
Level 3, Civil/Mechanical Building Rm E302

Riwaj Dhakal

Post Doctural Researcher
Level 3, Civil/Mechanical Building Rm E302

Shuen Law

Post Doctoral Fellow
Internal Phone: 92258

Tom Francis

Post Doctoral Fellow
Level 3, Civil/Mechanical Building Rm E336
Internal Phone: 91889

William Pollalis

Post Doctoral Fellow
Internal Phone: 92747

PhD Students

Amandine Bosserelle

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Sea-revel rise, groundwater dynamics and impacts on infrastructure systems.

Baptiste Hamon

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Agriculture Profitability, Resilience and Sustainability in Uncertain Future: A Decision Support Tool for policy Development in New Zealand.

Ben Matthews

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Assessment of Aging Infrastructures in High Seismic Areas Using Computational Intelligence Techniques

Ben Moerman

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Seismic Performance of CLT and Hybrid CLT Walls

Bryann Avendano

PhD Candidate
Research Title: The use of Participatory Modelling to integrate social and infrastructure resilience building

Cameron Davis

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Transportation engineering

Cesário Manuel Cambaza

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Assessment of Farmer-led Irrigation Development Strategies for Sustainable Exploration of Groundwater of Sand Rivers in Mozambique

Charles Kerby

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Staggered Lap Splices in Reinforced Concrete Walls

Connor Cleary

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Stochastic modelling of nitrate transport in groundwater, under highly heterogenous conditions

Ehsan Qasemipour

PhD Candidate
Research Title:Impacts of land management practices (tree plantation) on water balance components on a catchment scale

Ernesto Hernandez

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Seismic response of rubberised concrete members

Forrest Bilek

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Performance variability in stormwater treatment systems

Fransiscus Arifin

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Seismic Performance: Assessment and Improvement of Glazing and Windows

Hadi Vantankhah Ghadim

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Re-understanding green farming for New Zealand: combining photovoltaics, hydrogen, and farming.

Hongyu Guo

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Studying Lane Change Behaviour Using Real-world Connected Vehicle Data

Honor Eimi Columbus

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Life-Cycle Assessment of Clean Water Technologies

Indira Venkatraman

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Adaptation Options for Rural Coastal Lowlands

Jessika Souza de Carvalho

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Quantifying the design life and environmental impacts of downpipe treatment systems for removing dissolved metals from roof runoff.

Jonathon MacIntyre

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Defining Equivalent Fire Severity for Structural Applications

Julian Rincon Gil

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Active Confinement of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Junan Mou

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Fatigue Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Karan Titus

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Carbon Negative Geothermal: Techno-Economic Feasibility of Combined Geothermal Energy and Biomass-based Carbon Dioxide Removal for Aotearoa and Beyond

Kate Melnik

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Experimental Investigation of New Zealand Vegetation Flammability in Rural-Urban Interface Locations

Kevin Foster

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Computational and Statistical Strategies for Estimating Vs30

Kiran Rangwani

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Implementation of Tension-Only (GripNGrab) Friction Devices in Steel Rocking Seismic Frames

Logan Brunner

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Cascading Impacts within Interdependent Infrastructure

Mahdi Mohkam

PhD Candidate

An investigation into energy strategies for net-zero carbon buildings and urban communities in New Zealand

Mansour Johari Foroshani

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Traffic dynamics in large-scale urban networks: modelling and estimation

Mikhail Gedyma

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Seismic performance of low-rise and mid-rise timber residential buildings with hybrid bracing solutions

Mitchell Anderson

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Innovating Local Climate Risk Assessments

Moeen Gholami

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Greywater treatment by natural biofilter

Mohammad Eskandarighadi

PhD Candidate
Research Title: 2D-1D nonlinear site response modelling with consideration of soil heterogeneity

Patrick Curran

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Climate Adaptation Planning for a Deeply Uncertain Future

Rosie Pagel

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Improving Structural Resilience of Bridges under Tsunami Loading

Sabina Piras

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Development of Dissipative Controlled Rocking Bridge Columns on Monopile Foundations

Sabrina Sparano

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Tessellation of modular dynamic design, fabrication, and programming of a reconfigurable sustainable structure

Sepideh Ansari

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Development of novel biobased 3D-printed adsorbents for nutrients removal from wastewater

Shaurya Sood

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Geotechnical characterisation of air-fall tephras (or volcanic soils) for land reclamation purposes

Sky Halford

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Tracing indicators of mental health: The case of antidepressants in waste streams

Thomas Mason Wallace

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Understanding The Physical And Systemic Vulnerabilities In Integrated Stopbank-Dam Catchments

Thomas Wright

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Seismic Performance of High Capacity Screwed Connections in Mass Timber Buildings

Tirth Patel

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Digital Twin based automated progress monitoring of road construction

Yu Li

PhD Candidate
Research Title: IoT Based Pavement Monitoring System and Application in New Zealand

Zhe Zhang

PhD Candidate
Research Title: Investigating the relationship between situation awareness and safety behaviour: A psychophysiological and virtual reality approach
Internal Phone: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zhe-zhang-china

Technical staff

Patrick Branje

Workshop Manager
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering 133a
Internal Phone: 90094

David Carney

Specialist Instrument and Control Technician
Internal Phone: 90987

Logan Cooper

Fire Lab Technician
Internal Phone: 90295

Grant Dunlop

Fire Engineering Lab Technician
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering 101
Internal Phone: 92257

Siale Faitotonu

Technical Officer
Geomechanics laboratory Technician
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E112A
Internal Phone: 92261

Mosese Fifita

Technician - Structures Lab
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering 130
Internal Phone: 92198

John Kooloos

Technical Officer
Technician - Transportation laboratory
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E111A
Internal Phone: 92259

David MacPherson

Technical Services Manager
Environmental Engineering Lab / Dept Safety Officer
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering 121
Internal Phone: 92114

John Maley

Structural Engineering Laboratory Manager
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering 135
Internal Phone: 92186

Nick McLaughlin

Fluids Laboratory Technician
Internal Phone: 91159

Timothy Perigo

Structural Engineering Technician
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering 109
Internal Phone: 92216

Alan Poynter

Technical Officer
Technician - Model structures lab
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E117
Internal Phone: 92418

Sean Rees

Geotechnical Laboratory Research Engineer
Internal Phone: 90510

Fabio Cabral Silveira

Field and Environmental Laboratory Technician
Environmental Lab, E337 Civil and Natural Resources Engineering
Phone: +64336null

Aude Thierry

Environmental Laboratory Manager

Alan Thirlwell

Manager, Structural Engineering Laboratory
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering SEL
Internal Phone: 92395

Michael Weavers

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E118
Internal Phone: 92193

Kevin Wines

Machineshop Technician
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering 133A
Internal Phone: 92381

Giovanni De Francesco

SEL Research Engineer
Area of Research: Earthquake and structural engineering
Internal Phone: 90899

Matt Robinson

Structural Lab Technician
Internal Phone: 91807

Adjunct, emeritus and retired staff

Alan Nicholson

Emeritus Professor
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering

Andy Buchanan

Emeritus Professor of Timber Design

Bryan Pidwerbesky

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Charlotte Brown

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Resilient Organisations Ltd

Claudia Cenedese

Adjunct Associate Professor

David Carradine

Structural Engineering, BRANZ
Postal address: BRANZ, Private Bag 50908, Porirua City 5240

David Elms

Professer Emeritus

David Wareham

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering Rm E414
Internal Phone: 95017

Didier Pettinga

Adjunct Professor

Douglas Gransberg

Adjunct Professor

Glen Koorey

Adjunct Fellow
Director | Senior Transportation Engineer & Transportation Planner
ViaStrada Ltd
Mobile: 027-7396905

Ian Mason

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E446D
Internal Phone: 92196

Ian Wood

Professor Emeritus

James Mackechnie

Adjunct Professor

Michael Delichatsios

Adjunct Professor

Peter Moss

Retired Professor

Richard Fenwick

Adjunct Professor

Rob Davis

Professor Emeritus

Roger Nokes

Professor Emeritus
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E442
Internal Phone: 92046

Shane Turner

Technical Director, Road Safety Abley.
Adjunct Senior Fellow

Professional Advisory Board

Our department is guided by our industry advisory board. Our board is composed of leaders in the Civil and Natural Resources Engineering profession and includes representatives from consulting, contracting and government.

Peter Christensen

CTN Consulting Ltd.

Colin Crampton

Chief Executive
Wellington Water

Cathy Forrest

South Island Civil Infrastructure Leader

Amber Murphy

Senior Associate – Environmental Engineering
Level 2, ANZ Centre 267 High Street, Christchurch

Ben Hayward

Chief Executive
Fulton Hogan
15 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside 8053

Helen Trappitt

Lewis Bradford Consulting Engineers

Anna Winkley

Geotechnical Engineer
Tonkin + Taylor
Level 3, PwC Centre, 60 Cashel Street, West End, Christchurch

Andy Lyon

Programme Director – Digital Engineering
Kiwi Rail

Bruce Galloway

Applied Design Lead
Level 2, 254 Montreal Street | Christchurch