Civil Engineering takes the lead in the Faculty Teaching and Research Awards.

10 February 2022

Three of our lecturers were recognised in three of the four categories at the recent awards.

  • Teaching and Research Awards

They were: (as shown above)

Dr. Daniel van der Walt for the Emerging Teaching Awards

For outstanding development of the EngMe Program which transformed the 1st year engineering student experience; exceptional lecturing across year groups by creating an inspiring, engaging learning environment utilising innovative assessment combinations to ensure mastery of key concepts and provide challenging content for those who excel; and redesigning a Master's course to deliver high quality teaching online making the course accessible for working students.

Professor Brendon Bradley for the Established Research Award

For sustained excellence and outstanding contributions in the field of earthquake engineering, including, 140+ published journal papers, 8,200+ citations; co-authoring of ‘Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis’; delivery of numerous international keynote lectures; receiving multiple high-profile international awards; and a myriad of other exceptional achievements, all of which will have a significant effect on the future of earthquake engineering research and practice in New Zealand 


Senior Lecturer Mehdi Keyvan-Ekbatani for the Emerging Research Awards.     

For the exceptional accomplishment of swiftly becoming an emerging figure in the research field of traffic and transportation theory since completing his PhD, with particular emphasis on the use of novel concepts in network-wide flow modelling and their applications in integrated network management, as demonstrated by the number and quality of his journal publications, citations and H-index score; and for his notable impact as a leader who has established a strong research team here at UC.

Professor Ramakrishnan Mukundan and PhD candidate Andrew Davidson

Improving cancer diagnosis with AI

New research using digital imaging could transform the field of cancer diagnosis in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Rob Lindeman and Dilshani Kumarapeli

VR technology could enhance remote medical consults

Canterbury researchers at UC’s HIT Lab NZ are exploring how virtual reality could be used as a tool during remote medical assessments.