Information for schools

Liaison engineering open day landscape

The College of Engineering is developing resources to help schools with teaching the core subjects involved in Engineering, along with Computer Science and Mathematics.

What to take at school

To study engineering at UC you need to have a good foundation in Maths and Physics. For some engineering disciplines* Chemistry is also a must. You should aim to have at least 14 credits in each subject at NCEA Level 3. Professional Engineers also need to have good oral and written communication skills.


Useful websites 

Posters to download

We produce a range of posters for schools to use on classroom walls. Download them here or contact us if you'd like a version of the main Study Engineering poster (A2 in size), or a set of the engineering disciplines posters (nine disciplines, each A3 in size) sent to your school. They are free of charge.

Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering Poster

Electrical and Computer Engineering Posters

Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechatronics Posters

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Posters