Susannah Stevens

Senior LecturerDr Susannah Stevens

Manawa Level 4

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Susannah is interested in research on learning and well-being. Her research focuses on movement pleasure, the body, and how learning occurs with the whole body, not just the mind. Susannah enjoys using a range of sociological and philosophical theories in her work. Her PhD thesis developed pedagogy for movement pleasure. She currently works with schools, national bodies, government groups and international organisations; sharing expertise in the areas of physical activity, well-being, movement pleasure and the learning environments in which they are situated.

Recent Publications

  • Stevens S. and Thompson K. (2022) Contradictions and realisations–a critical friendship in the pursuit of transformative PETE. Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education 13(3): 238-252.
  • Berning H., North C. and Stevens S. (2021) Environmental and sustainability education in teacher education: Canadian perspectives. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning 21(3): 294-296.
  • Derby M. and Stevens S. (2021) Unearthing the complexities of wellbeing: Learnings from a Māori think tank. Psychology Aotearoa 13(1) 1: 7-12.
  • Stevens SR. and Culpan I. (2021) The joy of movement: the non-participant in physical education curriculum design. Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education 12(1): 80-93.
  • Stevens SR., Ovens A., Hapeta JW. and Petrie K. (2021) Tracking Physical Literacy in Aotearoa New Zealand: concerns of narrowed curriculum and colonisation. Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education 12(2): 123-139.