Susanna Wilson

Senior LecturerSusanna Wilson

Rehua 402
Internal Phone: 93837


Research Interests

Research interest is in the area of education.

Recent Publications

  • Wilson S. and McChesney J. (2018) From course work to practicum: Learning to plan for teaching mathematics. Mathematics Teacher Education and Development 20(2): 96-113.
  • Wilson S., McChesney J. and Brown L. (2017) Cultural competencies and planning for teaching mathematics: Preservice teachers responding to expectations, opportunities, and resources. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education 10(1): 95-112.
  • McChesney J. and Wilson S. (2016) Mathematics education in a time of earthquakes: Holding on and letting go. For the Learning of Mathematics 36(2): 14-18.
  • Wilson S. and McChesney J. (2013) Navigating and noticing: Preservice teachers' journeys in planning mathematics programmes. Curriculum Matters 9: 102-119.
  • Wilson S. (2016) Developing mathematical content knowledge for teaching:one pre-service teacher and her planning. In Clark J (Eds). Opening up mathematics education: 624-631. Adelaide: MERGA.