Shweta Sharma

LecturerShweta Sharma

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Internal Phone: 91707
I explore how we adapt our words to our intentions and re-invent their meanings in our interactions in culturally diverse settings!


Research Interests

I am a Mathematics Education Lecturer at Te Kaupeka Ako | Faculty of Education. I joined Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | University of Canterbury in 2022. I came to Aotearoa New Zealand in 2018 from India to pursue my PhD in mathematics education with focus on exploring classroom interactions in a classroom with culturally and linguistically diverse children.
Before coming to Aotearoa, I worked as primary school teacher for three years, where I gained my teaching experience that largely inform my research interests and teaching practices. I am interested in
- Classroom interactions and meaning making including gestures.
- Multilingual and multicultural mathematics classroom contexts,
- Storytelling and story-creating in Mathematics classrooms
- picture books for teaching and learning of mathematics
- Dialogic pedagogy

If you would like to talk about a research project, please send me an email.

Recent Publications

  • Sharma S. (2023) Exploring children’s negotiation of meanings about “D” in 2D and 3D shapes in a year 5/6 New Zealand primary classroom. Mathematics Education Research Journal
  • Sharma S. (2023) How children and their teacher use different ways of talking during whole class interactions in a New Zealand primary classroom. In Reid O'Connor B; Prieto-Rodriguez E; Holmes K; Hughes A (Eds). Weaving mathematics education research from all perspectives. Proceedings of the 45th annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia: 467-474. Australia: MERGA.
  • Sharma S. (2023) Interactive role of prosody in multilingual children’s utterances in a New Zealand primary classroom.. In Schüler-Meyer AK; Ingram J; Kirstin E (Eds). Proceedings of the Twelfth ERME Topic Conference on Language in the Mathematics Classroom: 118-125.
  • Sharma S. (2022) Children’s Negotiation of Meanings About Geometric Shapes and Their Properties in a New Zealand Multilingual Primary Classroom. Hamilton. University of Waikato.
  • Sharma S. and Sharma S. (2022) Successful teaching practices for english language learners in multilingual mathematics classrooms: a meta-analysis. Mathematics Education Research Journal