Sara Tolbert

Associate ProfessorSara Tolbert

Rehua 517
Internal Phone: 90703
I am centrally concerned with science and education as essential parts of a collective effort toward engendering a just, caring, & sustainable world.

Research Interests

My research is focused on broadening participation in the sciences, technology, and engineering as well as supporting youth and teachers to engage social justice and sustainabilty issues in science teaching and learning. I have worked on several research intervention projects to prepare teachers to better serve minoritised youth in science and education, including students who are speakers of languages other than English and Indigenous students. I also draw on Indigenous ethics, feminist studies and science-technology-studies (STS) to theorise (or re/imagine) possibilities for radical equality and multispecies justice in/through science and education.

Recent Publications

  • Bazzul J. and Tolbert S. (2019) Love, politics and science education on a damaged planet. Cultural Studies of Science Education 14(2): 303-308.
  • Tolbert S. and Bazzul J. (2019) Aesthetics, string figures, and the politics of the visible in science education. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy.
  • Tolbert S., Grino P. and Sonam T. (2019) Sociocultural perspectives in science education. Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Education
  • Tolbert S., Knox C. and Salinas I. (2019) Framing, adapting, and applying: Learning to contextualize science activity in multilingual science classrooms. Research in Science Education 49(4): 1069-1085.
  • Gunckel KL. and Tolbert S. (2018) The imperative to move toward a dimension of care in engineering education. Journal of Research in Science Teaching 55(7): 938-961.