Myron Friesen

Senior Lecturer Above the BarDr Myron Friesen

Rehua 412
Internal Phone: 95598


Research Interests

Current primary research interests include predictors of parenting attitudes and behavior and parental development, social and social-cognitive development in children and adolescents, and positive youth development. Beginning in 2018, I will be working on an externally funded research project evaluating parenting programs for a large NGO and would be interested in talking with prospective postgraduate research students about possible thesis projects in this area.

Recent Publications

  • Sleeman M., Friesen M., Tyler-Merrick G. and Walker L. (2021) The Effects of Precision Teaching and Self-regulated Learning on Early Multiplication Fluency. Journal of Behavioral Education 30(2): 149-177.
  • Donaldson K., Friesen MD. and Gage JD. (2019) The psychological salience of religiosity and spirituality among Christian young people in New Zealand: A mixed-methods study. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality 11(1): 42-54.
  • Arps ER., Friesen MD. and Overall NC. (2018) Promoting Youth Mental Health via Text-Messages: A New Zealand Feasibility Study. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being 10(3): 457-480.
  • Friesen MD., Horwood LJ., Fergusson DM. and Woodward LJ. (2017) Exposure to Parental Separation in Childhood and Later Parenting Quality as an Adult: Evidence from a 30-Year Longitudinal Study. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 58(1): 30-37.
  • Gillies WM., Boden JM., Friesen MD., Macfarlane S. and Fergusson DM. (2017) Ethnic Differences in Adolescent Mental Health Problems: Examining Early Risk Factors and Deviant Peer Affiliation. Journal of Child and Family Studies 26(10): 2889-2899.