David Small

Senior Lecturer Above the BarDr David Small

Rehua 520


Research Interests

A broad range of research interests include: comparative education, development education, globalisation, the war on terror, academic freedom, maternity service reform, human rights law, innovative university pedagogies.

Specific details below in 'Future Research'.

Recent Publications

  • Small D. (2019) Education and History: Who do we think we are? Education Studies in Aotearoa New Zealand Key Disciplines and Emerging Directions: 47-67.Nzcer Press.
  • Small D. (2016) MOOCs, Neoliberalism and the Role of the University. In Diemann M; Peters MA (Ed.), The Philosophy of Open Learning: Peer Learning and the Intellectual Commons: 51-65. New York: Peter Lang. http://dx.doi.org/10.3726/978-1-4539-1821-0.
  • Small D. (2015) Education and the end of the Myth of Racial Harmony in New Zealand. In Brook Napier D (Ed.), International Perspectives on Race (and Racism): Historical and Contemporary Considerations in Education and Society: 73-100. New York: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Small D. (2005) The PBRF: Some Risks of Research Rankings. In Smith R; Jesson J (Ed.), Punishing the Discipline. The PBRF Regime: Evaluating the Position of Education - Where to From Here?: 120-130. Auckland: AUT University and UNiversity of Auckland.
  • Small D. (2003) Can Development Studies be Development Education? In Storey D; Overton J; Nowak B (Ed.), Contesting Development: Pathways to Better Practice. Proceedings of the Third Biennial Conference of the Aotearoa New Zealand International Development Studies Network: 113-117. Palmerston North: Massey University Institute of Development Studies.