Christoph Teschers

Associate Head of SchoolDr Christoph Teschers

Senior Lecturer
Rehua Level 4
My aim for education is to support the wellbeing and development of a beautiful life for all our students.


Research Interests

I am mainly interested in exploring the relationship between people’s wellbeing, the philosophical notion of the art of living and educational theory and practice. By drawing on philosophy as well as positive psychology, I believe that relevant insights can be gained for the role of education for students’ (and teachers’) wellbeing and development of a good and beautiful life. Over the last years, I have also explored the role Philosophy for Children, and especially the Community of Philosophical Inquiry as a pedagogical tool, can have to support the development of skills and knowledge that are relevant for each student’s own art of living. Seeing each person as a unique and individual human being, acknowledgement of students’ diversity is a key aspect for my understanding of inclusion in education and guides my research endeavors in this area.
My research links to my key area of teaching in the Youth and Community Leadership programme, as questions regarding (young) people's ability and support to developing a good life is intertwined with questions of equity, social action, (self-)leadership and community engagement.

Recent Publications

  • Cowper A. and Teschers C. (2023) An Exploration of how Te Whāriki and the New Zealand Curriculum prepare students for an Art of Living. New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work 20(1).
  • Teschers C. and Nieto M. (2023) Buen Vivir and the Art of Living. Comparing Western and Latin American perspectives on living a good life. Philosophical Inquiry in Education.
  • Teschers C., Devine N. and Couch D. (2023) Editorial: 20 years Teachers Work - looking back and looking forward (Part 1). New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work 20(1): 1-4.
  • Devine N., Couch D. and Teschers C. (2022) University 'Values' and Neoliberal Marketisation. New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work 19(2): 80-83.
  • Peters MA., Arndt S., Tesar M., Jackson L., Hung R., Mika C., Ozolins JT., Teschers C., Orchard J. and Buchanan R. (2022) Philosophy of education in a new key: A collective project of the PESA executive. Educational Philosophy and Theory 54(8): 1061-1082.