Philip Schluter

ProfessorPhilip Schluter

Head of School, Leader of the Child Population Health Theme
Rehua 321
Internal Phone: 93523


Research Interests

My research is largely epidemiological in nature, driven by a social justice perspective. Student supervisions and publications have largely focused on population inequity, forming an evidence base to inform important health policies. Many peer-reviewed journal articles explicitly deal with the social determinants of health, often embedded in local contexts but motivated by national or international public health priority areas seeking to reduce health inequalities.

I have supervised 24 PhD students and 21 Masters students to completion, with another 4 PhD and 2 Masters students current. My expertise is regularly sought nationally and internationally to critique research applications for various peak funding organisations, including: the Health Research Board (Ireland); the Chief Scientist Office Project Grant Scheme (Scotland); the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (NZ); NHMRC project grant proposals (Australia); and, HRC (NZ). I also provide expert review to multiple high-ranking international journals, including: Lancet, BMJ, Pediatrics, Psychological Methods, Addiction, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, and, Medical Journal of Australia. I have led or been a named investigator on 62 successful competitive grants in Australia and New Zealand totalling $25.9 million and published over 260 peer-reviewed articles in national and international journals. Major funding sources include: HRC, NHMRC (Australia), ARC (Australia), and MBIE. My research over the 2006-2011 and 2012-2017 periods was awarded an "A" PBRF ranking in public health.

Recent Publications

  • Hobbs M., Ahuriri-Driscoll A. and Schluter PJ. (2021) Ethnic differences in mortality and hospital admission in a New Zealand population with type 2 diabetes. The Lancet Global Health 9(2): e102-e103.
  • McLay LK., Schluter PJ., Eggleston MJF., Woodford EC. and Bowden N. (2021) Melatonin dispensing among New Zealand children aged 0-18 years with autism: A nationwide cross-sectional study. Sleep Medicine
  • Abey-Nesbit R., Peel NM., Matthews H., Hubbard RE., Nishtala PS., Bergler U., Deely JM., Pickering JW., Schluter PJ. and Jamieson HA. (2020) Frailty of Māori, Pasifika, and non-Māori/non-Pasifika older people in New Zealand: a national population study of older people referred for home care services.. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci
  • Askew DA., Togni SJ., Egert S., Rogers L., Potter N., Hayman NE., Cass A., Brown ADH. and Schluter PJ. (2020) Quantitative evaluation of an outreach case management model of care for urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults living with complex chronic disease: A longitudinal study. BMC Health Services Research 20(1)
  • Begg A., D’Aeth L., Kenagy E., Ambrose C., Dong H. and Schluter PJ. (2020) Wellbeing recovery inequity following the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence: repeated cross-sectional studies. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health