Business Taught Masters

Add business skills to your existing degree

Our range of Business Taught Masters (BTM) programmes provide you with an opportunity to diversify your knowledge by adding business skills and expertise to your existing degree. BTM qualifications are accessible to­­ students from any background and are delivered in a way that assumes you have no prior business knowledge or experience.

You can dive straight into a master’s degree or choose from one of our shorter qualifications. Shorter qualifications provide professional development as well as a potential pathway into a master's qualification later on.

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Shorter Qualifications

What's so special about Business Taught Masters?

  • All Business Taught Masters qualifications are conversion postgraduate degrees that assume you have no prior experience in the subject. This allows you to gain Business skills on top of your chosen subject area.
  • The programme offers opportunities to develop real-world business experience through consulting projects with local industry.
  • A strong focus on transferable skills and the ability to solve problems will prepare you to meet the many challenges of a dynamic and uncertain world.
  • The Business Taught Masters programme offers great support and a range of opportunities to help prepare students, including orientation, pastoral care services, career development seminars, and additional certification opportunities that will support you realising your career goals.

While most classes occur during the day, some classes are held in the evening. Entry dates are February and July. 

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