History contacts

Key contacts

David Monger

Senior Lecturer
Head of Department (History)
Karl Popper 514
Internal Phone: 95538

Peter Field

Head of School (Humanities and Creative Arts) / Professor (History)
Karl Popper 517
Internal Phone: 95980

Heather Wolffram

Senior Lecturer in Modern European History
Honours Co-ordinator (History)
Karl Popper 513
Internal Phone: 95345

Rowan Light

Lecturer / Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 501A
Internal Phone: 93043

Melissa Broome

History & Philosophy
Karl Popper Rm 501
Internal Phone: 95924

Academic Staff and Tutors

Jane Buckingham

Associate Professor
Karl Popper 504
Internal Phone: 95519

Chris Jones

Associate Professor / Dean (International) / PACE Co-ordinator (Academic)
Karl Popper 503
Internal Phone: 94307

Evgeny Pavlov

Associate Professor
Head of Global, Cultural and Language Studies
Elsie Locke 320
Internal Phone: 95190

Katie Pickles

Professor (History) / James Cook Research Fellow
Karl Popper 516
Internal Phone: 94531

Marla Hughes

Room 512, Karl Popper Building
Phone: 03 3692527
Internal Phone: 92527

Adjunct staff

Sally Carlton

Adjunct Fellow

Joanna Cobley

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Geography-Psychology Lab Block 246
Internal Phone: 94310

John Cookson

Emeritus Professor

Kate Dewes

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Michael Gousmett

Adjunct Fellow

Peter Hempenstall

Emeritus Professor

David McIntyre

Emeritus Professor

Philippa Mein Smith

Adjunct Professor

Maureen Montgomery

Lecturer (Teaching and Administration only)
Adjunct Associate Professor
Internal Phone: 92522

Sarah Murray

Adjunct Fellow

Ann Parsonson

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Chris Pugsley

Adjunct Professor
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Mark Stocker

Adjunct Associate Professor

Ken Wells

Adjunct Professor

Graeme Wynn

Adjunct Professor