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History in the community

03 November 2023

Researchers in UC's History Department collaborate with an active network of history enthusiasts in the wider Christchurch, Canterbury, and New Zealand communities. Learn about our history in the community.

History Research Seminars

The History Research Seminar normally meets from noon-2.00pm on Wednesdays during term. The seminar is open to all interested staff and students. The speakers may be senior students describing their thesis work, a staff member or a visiting scholar.

UC Events (including History)


Canterbury Historical Association

Originally founded in 1922, and revived in 1953 after a wartime recess, the Canterbury Historical Association brings together members of the public and UC staff and students with a shared passion for History. Meetings are held on campus monthly from March to November and usually comprise a social gathering, followed by a lecture (often illustrated) and discussion.

Apart from visitors, speakers include staff reporting on study leave, senior students on their thesis research, and local historians on their current projects.


JM Sherrard Award

Alongside its programme of meetings, the association administers the JM Sherrard Award (see PDF below), which recognises the best works in New Zealand regional and local history. 

The association maintains close ties with the Canterbury History Foundation.



Enquiries regarding membership should be addressed to the secretary, Heather Wolffram.


Canterbury History Foundation

The Canterbury History Foundation was established in 1999 as a fund-raising body. It maintains close links with the History Department and aims and to encourage and support study, research, publication and interest in history, particularly in Canterbury, as well as to promote awareness of the social value of history in our community.

JM Sherrard Award

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