Serena Kelly

Senior LecturerSerena Kelly

Elsie Locke 610

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Current project 'The presence and profile of the EU in New Zealand' funded through the European Union Centre's Network. This research aims to promote a greater understanding of the EU and its policies in New Zealand's political, business, NGO, civil society and media communities (including NZ and EU/EU Member State's diplomatic corps), as well as of EU-NZ relations and NZ policies towards the EU.

Recent Publications

  • Kelly S. and Doidge M. (2023) Beyond trade: The European Union - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement. Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies 15(1)
  • Kelly S. (2022) The European Union and New Zealand: Possible Implications of Brexit. New Zealand Law Review 18: 26-50.
  • Kelly S. and Doidge M. (2020) EU-Pacific engagement post Covid-19 and post-Brexit: What impact on the SDGs? PIMA Bulletin 31: 21-21.
  • Lai S., Holland M. and Kelly S. (2019) The Emperor’s new clothes? Perceptions of the EU’s strategic partnerships in Asia. Asia Europe Journal 17(3): 341-360.
  • Wellings B., Kelly S., Wilson B., Burton J. and Holland M. (2018) Narrative Alignment and Misalignment: NATO as a Global Actor as Seen from Australia and New Zealand. Asian Security 14(1): 24-37.