Peter Field

Head of School (Humanities and Creative Arts) / Associate Professor (History)Peter Field

Karl Popper 517


Research Interests

Research interest includes the social history of the early American republic, American statesmanship, the presidency, intellectual history from Socrates onward

Recent Publications

  • Field PS. (2021) Lincoln and the Abolitionists. In Green M (Ed.), A Companion to Abraham Lincoln: 200-215. Oxford: Blackwells.
  • Field PS. (2017) "Abe Lincoln and Political Friendship". Christchurch: Canterbury History Foundation Annual Lecture, 23 Jul 2017.
  • Field PS. (2017) "Aristotle on Abraham Lincoln”. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Madison Seminar, 18 Apr 2017.
  • Field PS. (2017) "Will The USA Survive Trump?". Christchurch: U3A Okeover, 16 Nov 2017.
  • Field PS. (2017) “Can Aristotle Explain Abraham Lincoln?”. Christchurch: History Dept. Seminar Series, 01 Mar 2017.