Peter Field

Head of School (Humanities and Creative Arts) / Associate Professor (History)Peter Field

Karl Popper 517
Internal Phone: 95980


Research Interests

Research interest includes the social history of the early American republic, American statesmanship, the presidency, intellectual history from Socrates onward

Recent Publications

  • Field PS. (2021) Lincoln and the Abolitionists. In Green M (Ed.), A Companion to Abraham Lincoln: 200-215. Oxford: Blackwells.
  • Field PS. (2017) "Abe Lincoln and Political Friendship". Christchurch: Canterbury History Foundation Annual Lecture, 23 Jul 2017.
  • Field PS. (2017) "Aristotle on Abraham Lincoln”. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Madison Seminar, 18 Apr 2017.
  • Field PS. (2017) "Will The USA Survive Trump?". Christchurch: U3A Okeover, 16 Nov 2017.
  • Field PS. (2017) “Can Aristotle Explain Abraham Lincoln?”. Christchurch: History Dept. Seminar Series, 01 Mar 2017.