Martin Holland

Director of the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE)Martin Holland

Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Logie 605
Internal Phone: 94539


Research Interests

Research interests include EU development policy, EU relations with the Pacific, EU relations with New Zealand/Australia, EU-ASEM process, CFSP (theory & case studies), integration theory, good governance & conditionality, EU diplomatic service and EU identity in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recent Publications

  • Holland M., Sliwinski K. and Thomas N. (2020) Is Affective Effective? Measuring Affective Learning in Simulations. International Studies Perspectives
  • Kelly S. and Holland M. (2020) Perceptions of Ireland in New Zealand. In Perceptions of Ireland in New Zealand, Commissioned by Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Kelly S., Doser F. and Chaban N. (2020) Shifting frames: images of Brexit in NZ and possible consequences. In Holland M; Haba K (Ed.), Brexit and After - European Crisis and Reconstruction for Asian Development Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.
  • Shannon W., Doidge M. and Holland M. (2020) A clash of internationalizations: New Zealand and the Bologna Process. The Bologna Process and Its Global Strategy Motivations and External Responses.
  • Chaban N. and Holland M. (2019) Introduction: Partners and Perceptions. In Chaban N; Holland M (Ed.), Shaping the EU Global Strategy: Partners and Perceptions: 1-25. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.