Cindy Zeiher

LecturerCindy Zeiher

Elsie Locke Building 311
Internal Phone: 94351
"Wo Es war, soll Ich werden" (Freud)


Research Interests

My research interests and contributions focus on how the subject can be understood within contemporary social, ideological, political and cultural systems. I primarily write on two areas: the critical history and resurgence of leftist politics and social movements; and subjectivities and affect as theoretically informed by Lacanian psychoanalysis.

I have co-edited a collection with Professor Todd McGowan, 'Can Philosophy Love? Reflections and Encounters' (Rowman Littlefield International, November, 2017), which interrogates and exposes the role love plays in knowledge.

I have also co-authored a book with Professor Ed Pluth, 'On Silence: Holding the Voice Hostage' (Palgrave Lacan Series, 2019).

I am currently working on two projects:an edited collection, 'Psychoanalysis and Stupidity' (Rowman and Littlefield, forthcoming 2021); and a sole-authored book on Vladimir Jankélévitch theory of political refusal.

I supervise post-graduate thesis students in the areas of psychoanalysis as well as critical, political and feminist theories.

My editorial commitments currently are:

Co-founder and editor, along with Assoc. Prof. Mike Grimshaw for 'Continental Thought and Theory (CT&T)':

Advisory board member for 'Counterfutures: Leftist Thought in Aotearoa/ New Zealand':

Editorial board for 'Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies' book series (Brill)

Member of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy, Center for Lacanian Analysis (CLA, NZ) and the German Studies Association (Aust).

Currently I sit on the College of Arts Research Committee.

Recent Publications

  • Pluth E. and Zeiher C. (2019) On Silence: Holding the Voice Hostage. Cham: Palgrave Pivot. 102.
  • Zeiher C. (2020) Lacan’s Fifth and Unfinished Discourse: Capitalism’s Alchemist Dream. Filozofski Vestnik 41(1): 331-345.
  • Zeiher C. (2020) Lacan’s Love for Socrates. Filozofski Vestnik XL(1): 65-85.
  • Zeiher C. (2020) The Woman and her Name: Baxter, Véra Baxter. S: Journal of the Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique 12.
  • Zeiher C. (2020) Trump, Our Favourite Jouissance. CT&T: Continental Thought and Theory 3(1) 13: 200-218.