Monitoring Health and Safety Performance

An integral part of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of health and safety management, is the monitoring of health and safety performance.

University of Canterbury has a diverse range of workplace environments and activities. Monitoring health and safety performance includes reviewing administration systems along with assessing the physical aspects of these environments. Health and safety behaviours, and the health and safety culture, also forms part of these assessments.

The type of assessment, the frequency of them, and the amount of time and detail that goes in to each is proportional to the level of risk being managed. Areas of the university managing higher risks are subject to more detailed assessments.

The physical condition checks are scheduled by the Department or Service area as part of a regular sweep for hazards and the adequacy of controls.

The following assessment toools can be accessed through Assura:

Or alternatively, using the respective paper-based template which can be found in the Health and Safety Forms area. 

SafePlus is the current health and safety performance framework supported by Worksafe. Along with options for self-assessment, independent assessors use a behavioural based consultative assessment approach to measure performance, and where required, provide guidance and advice. The focus is on what good health and safety looks like rather than being focused on documented policies and procedures.

For high and medium risk areas these are generally on a two-year cycle. 

The Health and Safety Team schedules SafePlus assessments. A member of the team will contact your College Department or Service area three months before the assessment is due.

There are many departments and services at the University of Canterbury that do not have any exposure or engagement with hazardous processes or activity of high or medium risk. Monitoring of health and safety performance is still important however. The Low-Risk assessment tool is used in these areas to assist in the managing of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

The Health and Safety Team schedules and co-ordinates the Low-Risk Self-assessment will evaluate the response and provide guidance and advice. Similar to the SafePlus assessments, the focus is on what good health and safety looks like rather than being focused on documents and policies.

The Physical Conditions Check is part of a routine schedule of activities that should be carried out at least annually. It is a stock-take of the physical conditions in the work environment. A Physical Conditions Check can now be completed in Assura using one of the following checklists Office, Workshop, or Laboratories.

Alternatively, these can be completed on paper-based forms using one of the following templates: Office, Workshop, or Laboratories.

Departments of the University that store and use hazardous substances should also use the Checklist: Hazardous Substances Management Audit



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