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Student story

Yeepin Low

20 July 2023

"MBIS is great in terms of teaching high-level information systems-related concepts..."


Master of Business Information Systems

Senior Digital Marketer, Mint Design NZ

“The programme is great in terms of teaching high-level information systems-related concepts. As a student without a background in software and computer engineering, I have no problem following the materials in class,” Yeepin says about his Master of Business Information Systems (MBIS).

Yeepin easily transitioned from the busy life of Kuala Lumpur to peaceful Christchurch for his degree, especially after studying abroad in the US for three years.

“It was indeed very easy to feel home in Christchurch as an international student. Good people are everywhere – hang out with the right group and you’ll have a blast.”

As someone passionate about the great outdoors, Yeepin knew that New Zealand would give him more benefits beyond study.

“New Zealand is simply the best place for that,” he says. “New Zealand is also a diverse place that promotes openness when it comes to cultural differences. In terms of coming to University of Canterbury, I chose the MBIS programme because it helps path my career into a business analyst.”

With a background as a Digital Marketing Manager at a boutique advertising agency in Malaysia, Yeepin was an ideal fit for the MBIS programme.

“MBIS is great in terms of teaching high-level information systems-related concepts. I also had the opportunity to work for Citycare Group as a student IT consultant. This is hands down the most valuable experience that I can share in my future job interviews. Not only did I get to add Citycare into my CV, it has also given me a hands-on experience of how it feels to be working in a Kiwi company.

“I really enjoyed the schedule as a master’s student in this programme. I typically only had to attend class two or three days a week, and I had a fair amount of flexibility for the rest of the week.”

Yeepin goes for runs two to three times a week. This active lifestyle took him far and wide, with his most recent big run a solo 100km ultramarathon in December 2021.

It’s this sense of adventure that Yeepin plans to continue in New Zealand now that he has graduated.

“Knowing how Kiwis appreciate the nature, I know the choice of coming to New Zealand can’t be wrong,’ he says. “I’m currently based in Auckland, working as a senior digital marketer for an award-winning digital agency, helping ambitious Kiwi businesses succeed in the online world.”

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