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Student story


20 July 2023

"There’s an abundant amount of things you can do to make getting your first role easier..."


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


A journey of self-discovery at UC

Originally from Surabaya, Indonesia, Vincent who is a Computer Science student at the University of Canterbury (UC), has found a place where he can explore his interests and carve a career pathway for his future. 

Since high school, Vincent already knew that he wanted to go to a place where he can redefine himself.  New Zealand was a good option, and the amazing scenery, friendly people, and the fact it is not too far from Indonesia made it the ideal study destination. 

Why UC?

For Vincent, UC was the perfect choice because it provided the right balance of structure and flexibility. He chose UC for its supportive environment and freedom to pursue his passions, and he has not been disappointed. 

It was a "place to figure out what’s for me in the future. I wanted to be studying at a place that allows a good degree of freedom but provides all the necessary support I need if I asked or looked for it". 

He started at UC International College (UCIC) as a more convenient and certain way to attend university abroad. Vincent was attracted to the Computer Science programme because it allowed him to plan ahead and gave him the freedom to figure out the best use of his time. He found that the major required a balance of logical capabilities and creativity and paid well, which made it the perfect career path.

Vincent appreciates the support he receives at UC. Whether he needs help with his studies,  wellbeing, or his future career, he knows that there are resources available to him. He also enjoys participating in UC clubs, which provide a fun way to socialise and meet new people. Additionally, the UC facilities, such as the gym, allow him to maintain a healthy lifestyle while pursuing his studies.

Advice for future Computer Science students

As someone who found his passion for programming, Vincent recommends that prospective Computer Science students take some time to learn on their own. He suggests that students be organised and manage their time well, as time management is often the primary obstacle. Vincent also advises students to plan ahead for their career by focusing on courses that specialize in things they want to do or teach useful skills for their career.

"Plan far. While opportunities are plentiful, competitions are high. You want to invest some time to figure out how you will get your first few roles. In this career, there’s an abundant amount of things you can do to make getting your first role easier."

Internship at Partly

Vincent had the opportunity to work as a software engineering intern for a local startup called Partly.  Partly is New Zealand’s fastest growing startup aiming to solve the big issue of buying autoparts by providing the best buyer and seller experience.

The experience was incredibly valuable as he was immediately integrated into the team and worked on live production software. His internship allowed him to expand his skills in a modern technology environment, without having to work with old legacy codebase. During his internship, he worked on Partly's catalog management, ‘PartsPal’ and its marketplace integration, and was assigned to many large tasks working in a variety of technologies. He was treated as a regular software engineer, and not just an intern.

Employment and future plans

Currently, Vincent is employed part-time at Partly as a Junior Software Engineer, continuing his work from his short summer internship. His future plans include completing his degree and exploring job opportunities in the technology industry. Vincent is confident that his time at UC and experience at Partly have prepared him well for a successful career in computer science.

Vincent’s journey at UC has been one of self-discovery and growth. He found a supportive community where he can pursue his interests and expand his skills. His experience at Partly allowed him to gain valuable work experience and prepare for a successful career in computer science. As he moves forward, he is excited to see where his passion for programming takes him.

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