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Student story

Dianame Altalim

20 July 2023

"Studying at UC has made it easier for me to get a job..."


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Graduate Software Engineer, Xero, Wellington

Originally from the city of Surabaya in Indonesia, Dianame chose New Zealand to start her journey as an international student because of its captivating scenery. 

“I’ve been exploring a lot of places, and New Zealand offers great experiences,” she says. 

One of the best decisions she made was coming to University of Canterbury and pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.  

“The reason I chose to study at UC is because it is a great place for international students where the facilities and support programmes helped me a lot with my studies. The Science faculty has incredible services such as consulting, where the team advised me what sort of courses I could take, to be well prepared for my professional life. On top of that, they helped me with the issues that I faced as a student.”

For Dianame, the UC clubs and career support are some of the best things offered at UC.

“There are a lot of clubs for students that helped me to expand my connections and learn more about New Zealand culture. UC Careers gave me the best advice when I was looking for my first job,” she says.

Dianame’s Computer Science work experience began during her second year at UC. She participated in the summer internship programme, which gave her the opportunity to work in a company and gain expertise in her field.  

“It was a great opportunity. Everyone was supportive, knowing we do an internship for learning, and they allowed me to do a real-world project.

“Studying at UC has made it easier for me to get a job since there are several projects, particularly projects which involves working in teams, help me to improve my team building skills.”

Dianame has since secured a job with Xero in Wellington as a Graduate Software Engineer.

We wish you all the best Dianame in your new job!


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