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Student story

Phuong Nam Vu

20 July 2023

"UC was very supportive in guiding me towards my career goals..."


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Software Engineer, Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) Inc.

Going from high school in Vietnam to university in Christchurch, Nam's come a long way.

Starting with English language studies at CCEL, Nam then enrolled in a BSc in Computer Science with a UC First Year Scholarship. Since graduating he's been working as a Software Engineer, at Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) in Christchurch.

He felt welcomed in Christchurch when first arriving and found more support at UC. His main advice for new international students is to not be afraid to ask questions.

"Keep learning and asking questions. People in New Zealand are very friendly and kind, so don't hesitate," he says.

Nam picked Computer Science because of his aptitude in maths and logical thinking, with the added advantage of it being a dynamic field that's high in demand.

He says, "I chose to study at UC because it's the top 1% in the world. Computer Science is a promising industry, and there are a lot of opportunities, not just in New Zealand, but also in the world."

Upon graduating he found a job at FIS, where he does web regression and management. He found his studies at UC gave him a solid footing at work, and more.

"UC was very supportive in guiding me towards my career goals. UC also taught me a lot of essential knowledge for my current job such as database, Google Apps, and algorithms."

Nam had joined the Computer Society club (CompSoc) on campus and was able to experience the social side of university while pursuing his interests.

"Joining CompSoc has given me more friends, expanded my social network, and I've learnt more about my field," he says.

When Nam thinks ahead to his future plans, he wants to "make a well-known software that makes the lives of people better". He may also do a master's degree after getting some work experience.

For anyone considering a Computer Science degree, he'd recommend making the most of your time by doing things on the side.

"Do extra work. Make use of your summer holiday by creating something (eg, an app, a website) — these appeal to your future employer."

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