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Student story

Stanley Sarkies

20 July 2023

"I like being challenged, and feeling productive..."


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Natural Resources Engineering, and a Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering

As someone who enjoys mathematics, environmental science and social studies, Stanley has the perfect combination through Natural Resources Engineering and Global Humanitarian Engineering to tackle creative and sustainable uses of our natural resources.

"I enjoy learning about the processes behind much of the infrastructure we rely on, and about new and innovative methods of calculating and solving complex problems. I like being challenged, and feeling productive," he says.

Stanley took on the Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering as a way to apply his engineering knowledge towards developing communities and relief aid.

"The Diploma is right up my alley, because it encourages cross-disciplinary study. It allows me to learn about engineering concepts in a setting that is more challenging and interesting."

He is also employed at UC as a Technical Assistant to Nick Ward; a senior lecturer in the Global Humanitarian Engineering programme. In this role he created a website for the Diploma, organises guest speakers, and maintains the Diploma’s public appearance. He is also a Peer Notetaker in lectures for students using Equity & Disability Service.

His enthusiasm for his studies was recognised in his first year with a UC Engineering Top Scholars Award and a UC Dean’s Award, on top of a UC Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship for his NCEA results.

A large part of enjoying his studies is the Engineering community at UC. Stanley is part of Engineers without Borders New Zealand, an organisation that promotes and provides international development. Stanley manages the student and professional memberships nationwide, and is an active part of the club on campus.

"I enjoy being in a degree with such camaraderie, where students won’t hesitate to help each other out when things get busy (which they inevitably do)," he says. "My advice would be to find a group of people that you enjoy studying with. If you are generous, others will be generous to you. Engineering is quite challenging, but extremely rewarding, and you graduate with high job security. Don’t hesitate to talk to people who are completing the degree you’re interested in; they will be only too happy to help."

He also advises students to connect with students from other degree areas, as one of his favourite things about UC.

"I love studying on a campus with a range of degrees, and seeing the diversity present at the University. I like overhearing intense discussions about Marxism, speech therapy, or the nuances of land law. I can’t help but get jealous at other people’s degrees.

"I also like the $2 rice, and the free food on the C block lawn throughout the summer. I enjoy the sport at UC, which I actively participate in. I have a football team in the Uni Social League."

Wanting to have an inspirational career after graduating, Stanley hopes to make a difference and potentially go into teaching at some point later in life.

"Hopefully I will have a positive influence in whatever field I end up," he says.

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