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Student story

Jack Boon

20 July 2023

"I’ve enjoyed getting to live with an amazing group of people from all around the country..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Civil Engineering

Labourer, Taranakipine

Jack's journey with UC so far has involved a lot of new experiences within study and the student community. 

As a keen outdoorsman, a deciding factor for choosing UC was its location close to a number of outdoor activities. Jack's spare time is spent mountainbiking, skiing, and adventure racing, and he also produces film and photography.

For his first year, Jack decided to use Rochester and Rutherford Hall for accommodation close to campus, coming down from the North Island.

"I wanted to have the opportunity to meet new people while fitting into the new university lifestyle," he says. "I've enjoyed getting to live with an amazing group of people from all around the country, in a safe and welcoming environment."

Jack is also one of the House Captains, which involves arranging social events for the Hall throughout the year.

He advises other students to be amongst the student community as much as possible to make the most of campus life.

"Take advantage of every opportunity that you can. You will get to try so many brand new things, while you get to meet new people and make lifelong friends."

Another reason for choosing UC was its reputation in Engineering studies, which Jack was motivated towards due to his "love of problem solving and the opportunity to aid innovation in the world".

"I enjoy getting to see and be involved with all the different types of engineering," he says. "I like how the campus is all in one area, and using the new technology and infrastructure."

He looks forward to getting further into his Civil Engineering degree, and potentially go into the timber engineering field. During the summer, Jack already has his foot in the industry as a Labourer with Taranakipine.

"I decided I wanted to do something similar to the work I have done at Taranakipine, but then solidified the idea after seeing the work of PhD student Justin Brown, who is working on large scale cross-laminated timber walls (in the Structural Engineering Lab at UC)."

"I want to work as a structural engineer on wood-engineered products and projects," he says.

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