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Student story

Amy Kibblewhite

20 July 2023

"University is so much fun, grasp opportunities you find with both hands..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Civil Engineering

Coming down from Wellington to study at university, Amy was looking forward to her new chapter of life at UC. With a particular interest in physics, calculus, and chemistry from high school, Amy was keen on a career in the engineering industry. 

She chose to stay at Rochester and Rutherford Hall student accommodation for her first year. 

"After wandering through the hall on an open day tour I knew R&R was something I wanted to be a part of," she says. "The endless positive comments everyone had about the hall also made it easy for me to decide."

Her expectations were definitely met, leading to a great first year away from home. Amy highly encourages other students to consider making the leap.

Amy found the hall also to be a great help with her academic study. 

"The encouraging learning environment and the opportunity to have tutors come in for academic assistance at R&R is really helpful. Everyone is friendly and happy to help when you need support.

"Without the people I have met, my experience in this hall would never have been the same," she says. "Everyone is so supportive, passionate, and kind. University is so much fun, grasp opportunities you find with both hands and find your own balance between study and life. Above all have a blast!!"

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