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Student story

Radhika Sahana

20 July 2023

"UC accommodation is a home away from home..."


Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Studies and Media and Communication

Wishing to go into the film industry in marketing and promotions, Radhika’s Arts degree studies have given her a strong background in developing communications for different audiences.

Media and Communication in particular attracted her to study at UC, and she has thoroughly enjoyed learning from industry experts.

"University of Canterbury has a list of experienced professors who have worked in the actual fields and help us with their experiences. The University also has a great reputation in Media and Communication around the world and this is also a major advantage of studying here," she says.

Radhika received a Dean’s Award for her results in the subject, saying the Media and Communication Department is ‘very active and supportive’ towards their students.

"Media relations and marketing have always interested me as it is all to do with an individual’s creativity to strategically communicate to society. The subject gives us in-depth knowledge about how a message is formed and targeted in a media house before reaching the world," she says.

"One can really enjoy the chosen field of study and take up a career that is challenging and fulfilling. The scope of studying this branch is unlimited."

She has also got involved with the UC Film Club on campus for an addition to her degree, and is currently part of the general exec team.

"The University is not only about studies but also has plenty of extra-curricular activities which help keep the mind and body fresh as well as active. The University includes students from different cultures and countries which help me learn different things daily."

Having come from India, Radhika decided to stay in Ilam Apartments close to campus to help immerse herself in the student community.

"Living in the hall of residence not only makes it easier to reach the University easily but also encompasses students from different cultures and backgrounds who can be good friends."

"The UC accommodation has a very friendly and approachable staff, which is very important for an international student."

Staying in Ilam Apartments has had more benefits for Radhika than just a place to stay.

"It is also a safe and secure choice. UC accommodation is a home away from home where all facilities are available right from food to laundry," she says.

"The flats are fitted with all sorts of equipment required. There is a good team for regular cleaning and maintenance as well. Each unit provides enough scope for mingling with others while retaining one’s privacy."

"Plenty of events occur every week which help us take a break from studies and bond well with other mates. There are tutorials every Tuesday which are very helpful for students."

All in all, Radhika’s experiences so far have helped her develop both academically and personally, and she looks forward to more opportunities at university.

"I am extremely satisfied with UC and would definitely recommend others to pursue their higher studies here. Come with a happy and open mind and take back memories that will remain for a lifetime," she says.

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