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Student story

Christopher Brodrick

20 July 2023

"Learning the art of critical thinking allows one to see the world differently..."


Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Studies and Art History and Theory

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Cinema Studies

Having had such a lucrative career in the creative arts, Chris’ university journey has continued building on his experiences and knowledge in the industry.

Chris has held a number of roles in performing arts and entertainment, as someone passionate about all things film, music, and opera.

Some of his highlights include work in the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Royal New Zealand Ballet, Canterbury Opera, and the Court Theatre. Chris was also a film editor for the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, later becoming TV2, and has managed a pre-press printing company.

Now retired, Chris decided to go into university studies with UC to continue learning about and contributing to the arts.

"I wanted the challenge – the desire to learn and give myself an intellectual workout! I wanted to be able to provide a different (older) perspective while gaining insight into the views of those students at the start of their careers,” he says.

Choosing to complete the Cinema Studies programme, Chris says that he especially enjoys the quality and variety of courses offered, as well as the lecturers and students that make up the arts community at UC.

"Learning the art of critical thinking allows one to see the world differently," he says.

As such, Chris highly recommends other mature students consider taking on university studies in the humanities to continue learning and expanding their creative horizons.

"The courses not only open up a fascinating new world, but most importantly provide an intellectual challenge that keeps the older brain functioning. In addition, the experience that mature students can bring to discussions provides a different perspective that provides both young and old with different viewpoints to consider.

"I intend to carry on with my studies because as the saying goes: ‘the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know.’"

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