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Student story

Christopher Kevin Hamdajani

20 July 2023

"Coming to New Zealand and studying at UC has been one of the best decisions I have ever made..."


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Graduate Analyst Developer, FNZ, Wellington


Kevin, who is originally from Indonesia, had always wanted to study overseas and work abroad to change the world ever since high school. New Zealand stood out to him as it offered beautiful landscapes and a chance for career and personal growth. 

“Studying and working overseas has been my dream since high school,” he says. “I wanted to have a great education and the opportunity to work after I graduated. Coming to New Zealand and studying at UC has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. During my time at UC, I got a great education, the best personal experience, and the opportunity to get my dream job, once I graduated.”

After thorough research, Kevin decided to study Computer Science and Software Engineering.  He found the perfect programme offered by UC and decided to study towards the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.   

“UC is one of the best universities in the world. After having a look at its Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) department, I could see the passion that the lecturers have for teaching and motivating to make a difference. Plus, the high percentage of employment that UC graduates have with the best companies around the world is another reason I decided to pursue my education there.  

“I am very pleased to have had a very supportive environment when I was studying at UC. From the lecturers, tutors, and staff members to the student organisation, they all helped me not only survive but also thrive during my journey at UC. In addition, UC has put a lot of effort into providing comfortable study places, which encourages students to study better.

“As part of my studies at UC, I had to build a website with the student developers’ team. It was a whole year project where I worked with other students, real clients, stakeholders, and software development engineers. This course allowed me to interact with new technologies and improve my soft skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, and others. Even though it was so challenging, I really enjoyed it.”

He says hard work and time management are the keys to succeed as Computer Science is a challenging major.

His own hard work paid off with a Graduate Analyst Developer role at FNZ in Wellington shortly after graduating.

“Studying at UC helped me to develop my work skills as the courses are designed to build up the technical skills that I need to have as a software developer and also soft skills to be able to work as a team.”

However he also advises that it is important to have fun during your studies. 

“Join student clubs and participate in events during your time at UC. Over the past three years, I have learnt a lot in class and also in my extra activities. Another tip that I would like to give is: don’t be afraid to reach out to UC staff members, such as lecturers and tutors, if you have issues with your course or job hunting. I got a lot of help from them.”

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