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Student story

Penny Land

20 July 2023

"An MBA opens up a world of possibilities..."


Bachelor of Science in Geography

Master of Business Administration

Business Change Manager, Meridian Energy

What inspired you to pursue your MBA?

I had arrived at the right age and stage of life. My daughter had headed off to high school and I felt that it was time to get some new skills on board. I was ready for another challenge!

You work full time at Meridian – what makes it possible to do an MBA on top?

A supportive family is key. My husband supports it and I think it's good for my daughter to see her mum doing something different. My work is very supportive too. But you do have to know what you're getting yourself into. It takes serious organisation and you do have to give up some stuff.

Is there flexibility in the degree as well?

There is. In my first year I did seven papers, last year I only did four, and now I'm back up to six. So you can ramp it up or down depending on what you’re doing. Some people do it quickly and others take more time. There’s complete flexibility in that regard.

What have you enjoyed most about your MBA experience?

For me it's been the opportunity to learn lots of new things. Every single lecturer and every single course has taught me valuable skills that I can apply directly to my work and personal life. I've also met some awesome people and made friends for life. You’re exposed to a whole heap of new things, and that in itself is invigorating.

How is it impacting your role at Meridian?

An MBA teaches you to look at things through different lenses. The skills you learn in terms of managing people, analytical thinking and soft skills, you can apply right away. It gives you a whole heap of tools in your toolbox that you didn't have before!

Do you think your MBA will change your career path?

I think it's given me more options. The degree has a networking angle to it, you gain confidence and new skills, you could go off and do your own business… it's about having more choices. An MBA opens up a world of possibilities.

What would you say to others thinking about enrolling?

Do it! But make sure you’re up for the challenge. An MBA opens doors, but it's up to each person to work out what direction they want to take.

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