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Student story

Holly Munro

20 July 2023

"The MBA provides me with another perspective to health..."


Master of Business Administration

After a number of years working as a registered nurse, Holly's plans for progressing her career looked to incorporate practical business knowledge of the healthcare industry.

Holly discovered her pathway through UC's MBA programme, which develops professional business and leadership skills.

Courses from the programme were included in her initial studies in Health Management, and the opportunity to learn more about business strategy and entrepreneurship led Holly to transfer her degree to UC.

"My career has been very health-based and I had minimal knowledge of the healthcare system in a wider business context. With the current nursing shortage and an aging population, I believe the healthcare sector will also have a demand for managers who understand both sides of business and health."

"The MBA provides me with another perspective to health and an opportunity to step up into managerial roles," she says.

One of the most useful aspects to the programme was how the courses incorporated her real-world experience and work in healthcare.

"I work on the floor as a senior nurse (sometimes in charge) and applying the concepts directly to everyday practice consolidates the knowledge I had been learning through the MBA," she says.

An incredible opportunity with a volunteer company saw Holly put her newfound skills into action in rural Bali during one summer, helping set up school health clinics.

With no equipment and no other volunteers with a health-based background, Holly worked on performing basic health assessments for two schools, setting up health passports, and even teaching the children a basic hygiene skills class with help from a translator. Her efforts were recognised by local government healthcare officials.

"The MBA certainly helped with the whole process! From setting up the clinics with admin to managing people around me, to coming up with strategies to figure out how I could best add value to their lives."

Another beneficial experience was meeting a diverse range of working professionals as her fellow classmates.

"The people I have met have quite interesting backgrounds from all different areas who I would have never had met if I hadn't been studying the MBA. I also enjoy listening to the ideas and experiences of other MBA students because I am a younger student, and it gives me insight and different perspectives into other industries."

Equipped with her business skills for the future, Holly also recommends other working professionals to seek out the MBA.

"If you are looking to widen your options in your career, the MBA will do this. There are a diverse number of papers you can complete which can give you an idea of what you could be interested in perusing. It also provides you with practical skills and knowledge that are directly relatable to your workplace."

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