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Student story

Nur Zahirah Binti Ismail

20 February 2024

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Why did you decide to come to UC? 

I wanted to go to uni in New Zealand. After doing some research, I found that UC was the best New Zealand university for engineering. It aligns with my academic area, and one of my family members told me that UC ranks highly.

How have you found UC? 

The environment is amazing and the people are so welcoming. My lecturers even emailed me to keep me informed before I got here. They’re so friendly and welcoming, it makes me feel less homesick. The campus is very beautiful, surrounded by the beauty of Christchurch. It’s exceeded my expectations in terms of my academic and personal growth.

What do you like the most about UC? 

I love the gym facilities. They have group fitness classes every evening, and the instructors are so friendly. After a whole hectic day of class, I get excited to go to the classes and meet people. I meet a whole range of people, not just UC students, from all ages and working experiences. It’s great!

What do you like about studying Electrical Engineering at UC? 

UC’s strong commitment to research translates to the facilities. Everyone gets to be very hands-on in their learning. The Makerspace in the library has 3D printing, which I need to do for my classes, so I did an induction there and was prepared for class. The lecturers are also really supportive; I can always email them for help and they’re fast in responding.

What is the support like for international students at UC? 

There’s a support team in the library, and they’re very friendly. They always keep in contact with me, asking how my study is going and encouraging me to come in for a chat. The international team was also really helpful in making my transition a lot easier.

Are there any support services that you found particularly helpful? 

We need to do an internship for my degree, so I went to the UC Career Centre for help with my resumé and the application process. They were so helpful in terms of making my resumé more organised and detailed, and also gave me interview tips that I didn’t know, because a lot of things are different from Malaysia.

What do you like most about the student life at UC?

My classmates are all very helpful and supportive. Overall, people here are so friendly and welcoming towards international students. I really like how generous and kind everyone is. Even people outside the uni will talk to you and ask about where you’re from.

How is it living in Christchurch? 

I like Christchurch because it’s surrounded by nature. I can walk alone and feel safe here. Taking the bus is fast and easy, so it’s simple to get into the city and to places like the mall. Christchurch is a great place to study, especially because I love hiking. It’s nice to hike in the Port Hills or walk along the beach.

Would you recommend UC to other international students? 

Absolutely, yes! I love it here. The orientation programmes are great, and it helped me have a smooth transition. The lecturers are so helpful, both in terms of study and also motivationally and spiritually. They’re so kind and accommodating, and they really want you to succeed.

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