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Student story

Mikayla McNabb

02 August 2023

"University has given me a lot of confidence..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance

Insurance Graduate, Suncorp Group Ltd, Sydney, Australia


Why a BCom degree with UC?

I was always interested in completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree because I could easily relate to the content I was learning and apply it to everyday life (such as making economic decisions, improving how I interpret current affairs in the world around me and the impacts situations will have on people). I also felt that a Commerce degree would be a key to open up a wide range of career paths and industries for employment I was interested in beyond my student years.

What made you decide on doing both Economics and Finance?

I found Economics and Finance to be interesting subjects because the concepts and theories you learn about are relevant and applicable to the world around me. Learning about economic policies the government implement and how this impacts people was really intriguing to me. The content can challenge you to look at a situation from a range of perspectives.

Economics papers taught me key theories and concepts relating to Consumers, Businesses, and the Government in both micro and macro environments that were relevant to the world around me.

Finance papers provided me with an understanding of a wide range of topics including Financial Markets, International Finance, Personal Finance, and financing decisions that companies face.

Now that you’ve graduated, where has your degree taken you so far?

I am now an Insurance Graduate with Suncorp Group, based in Sydney Australia. I am on a two-year graduate programme which provides rotation opportunities across different teams and functions of the business.

A graduate programme is a fantastic way to smooth the transition into the corporate world. Having the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the financial services industry allows me to continue learning and developing my skills.

So how has your degree studies prepared you for your work?

My university studies have equipped me with a range of skills that are applicable to the work I am doing now.

Some of these soft skills I have applied in my career so far are building relationships with new stakeholders, working collaboratively in teams as well as communication and presentation skills. There are also more technical skills such as using programmes, researching, working with data, and producing reports or presentations.

University has given me a lot of confidence to engage with new people, ask questions, and be open to learning. Important skills like time-management, self-motivation, and prioritisation of tasks which I learnt during my studies have been vital for navigating the corporate world. 

How did you find out about the programme?

UC’s Careers Centre was invaluable during my time as a student. I attended a session which supported students with building their CV’s for internship and graduate programmes, which provided plenty of tips and tricks. I also had a mentoring session with the Careers Centre to prepare for Assessment Centres (which is one of the final stages of the recruitment process for graduate roles after university).

Careers Fair events which are held on campus are a fantastic way to find out about what opportunities and companies are available. This is a great initiative to find out about internship and graduate programmes.

Did you have any other advice for students?

Come along to any events that UC has including Orientation days to find out what options are available for you at UC. Select courses that interest you to ensure you feel motivated and engaged throughout your studies.

I would also highly recommend taking FINC 101 which is a fantastic paper to provide you with a foundation and understanding of how to navigate personal finances throughout your lifetime.

If you ever need help or clarification, be brave and ask your lecturer – this was something I found so valuable during my studies.

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