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Student story

Lucas Seña Caicedo

02 August 2023

"This has allowed me to interact and meet people from all over the world..."


Master of Engineering Studies with an endorsement in Civil Engineering

"New Zealand has satisfied all my expectations, not only in the academic field but also on a personal level. I have found Christchurch a really relaxed place with wonderful people and it is just an amazing city," Lucas says.

Before coming to UC, Lucas was working as a junior engineer in Colombia. As the recipient of a full scholarship from Colfuturo Columbia, Lucas chose to come to UC and extend his knowledge in the Engineering field.

"Completing my master’s degree at UC and to do a PhD are my goals in the short term."

By gaining knowledge and experience in New Zealand, Lucas will be able to implement what he has learnt to his role as an engineer back home.

"I want to acquire work experience in New Zealand and then go back to my country to apply all this experience and knowledge as a consultant engineer and contribute to a better understanding of seismic phenomena in my country."

With Christchurch sitting at the foothills of the Southern Alps, the epic scenery at UC’s doorstep is just another reason why Lucas chose UC. The unique combination of scenic beauty and seismic activity is ideal for his Civil Engineering studies.

"New Zealand is a beautiful country that has faced high-impact seismic events with great regularity. The experience of coexisting with this risk has led to the creation of a high-quality research centre on seismic engineering. Moreover, New Zealand is a country which has wonderful scenery and is considered as one of the safest and highest standards of living in the world."

The well-structured master’s programme and high-quality staff gave Lucas everything he was looking for. The programme attracts students from across the globe, and UC’s high academic ranking was the main drawcard for Lucas.

"The Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering at UC is in the top 1% of engineering departments worldwide. The University of Canterbury itself is a prestigious university with a fixed position in the top 100 worldwide according to the QS classification."

When you have passionate lecturers who are driven by what they do it is easy to be inspired. Knowing that you have the support of dedicated academics was essential for Lucas, who found the staff both knowledgeable and friendly.

"The Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering has an international faculty, with leading experts in the field of Civil Engineering. The lecturers are so friendly and helpful, they are so passionate about what they do. Whenever you need help, they are there for you."

There is more to UC than just academics; clubs and societies are crucial to the student experience.

"UC gives you the opportunity to participate in daily activities as well as gives you the chance to join so many different student clubs. This has allowed me to interact and meet people from all over the world, which makes you learn about different cultures.

"I have joined many different clubs. For instance, the Rowing Club – it has been a really enjoyable experience because is the first time that I am doing something like this. Moreover, I like going to the Recreation Centre to meet new people and play badminton or do rowing training."

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