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Student story

Anastasiya Verbytska

20 July 2023

"The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy system is under way. Recognise it. Be part of it..."


Master of Engineering Studies with an endorsement in Renewable Energy 

Civil Engineer, Beca Group Limited

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Anastasiya grew up in South Africa, where she completed her Civil Engineering degree. 

Anastasiya's decision to pursue higher studies in renewable energy was stimulated by her broad work experience in various hydropower projects she had participated across Africa. 

"I used to develop hydropower generation profiles and assess the impact of new development on the current energy industry, and what was planned to be developed from other energy resources," she says.

Having gained over 5 years of work experience, Anastasiya found her passion in energy modelling in hydropower, wind, and solar energy, and was interested in hydrogen production from surplus renewable energy systems.

This steered her to UC, to further advance her knowledge capabilities in the field of Renewable Energy. 

"Together with my work experience, the global movement towards lowering carbon emissions, and influences of the Paris Agreement, I felt that I needed the knowledge of design and development of other renewable energy resources," she says.

Anastasiya chose to study at UC as she recognised the University's Engineering School offered the Renewable Energy endorsement as a novel programme in 2017. 

"The Master of Engineering Studies in Renewable Energy has fulfilled my requirements and opened other opportunities of research into hydrogen generation - from solar and wind energy.

"The degree has a great choice of taught papers that will test intricate technical details, global and market approaches, and allows you to see the bigger picture. The course also explored how the engineering disciplines interconnect between themselves as well as with non-technical stakeholders."

Anastasiya says UC's facilities have supported her learning experience. 

"The campus is well rejuvenated and the new Engineering Core has a pleasant environment with lots of break out spaces for team work. My lecturers were easily available for extra questions and consultations. The computer labs were equipped with all the required software, well maintained, and the labs had plenty of space." 

Having completed her master's, Anastasiya was recruited by Beca Group Limited – a prominent engineering and management consultancy service company based in New Zealand. Her new job role entails projects in the civil and water sector, with primary focus into flood and hydraulic modelling of storm water systems in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific region. 

Anastasiya continues her ambitions in the renewable energy sector by closely working with UC's Civil and Natural Resources Engineering Department on research, conference papers, and articles about renewable energy generation and hydrogen production for New Zealand.  

"Together with Dr Ian Mason, the co-convener of the CNRE Renewable Energy Forum, we strive to grow a sharing community in renewable energy as we transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy."

Anastasiya advises future students passionate about supporting the conversion to renewable energy sources to begin study soon, and be a part of history. 

"It's a great time to undertake this programme as we are part of a global transition from fossil fuels into more renewable energy sources that is happening now. Thus, while you study theoretical and academic publications, you can see the political, policy making, and physical transition."

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