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Student story

Jainesh Prasad

20 July 2023

"My master's provided a great opportunity for me to contribute towards infrastructure development of my nation..."


Master of Engineering Studies with an endorsement in Earthquake Engineering

After working in a consulting firm in Fiji for a number of years, Jainesh was inspired to pursue further studies in Engineering dealing with disasters, as the tropical region is highly prone to earthquakes, cyclones, floods and tsunamis.

"There is a dire need for stronger structures which require designing with advanced and in-depth knowledge of seismic concepts to ensure durability of these buildings and structures against the odds of fatal seismic activities," he says.

Having completed undergraduate studies at the University of Auckland in structural engineering previously, Jainesh looked towards UC's Master of Engineering Studies programme to gain updated knowledge of advanced recent practices for sustainable engineering.

Receiving an NZ Aid Scholarship to study at UC was "both a pleasure and a privilege" towards his goals for improving the resilience of structures in Fiji.

"I am indeed grateful to the New Zealand Government for providing scholarship opportunities for undergraduates of Pacific descent to further their education through the New Zealand Pacific Scholarship," he says.

UC itself provided the opportunity to study under leading experts in Earthquake Engineering, after the earthquake disasters in Canterbury.

"Studying at University of Canterbury meant learning from one of the leading Earthquake Engineering schools in the world," he says. "Pursuing the Master of Engineering Studies at UC equipped and enabled me to incorporate socio-economic consideration into engineering projects, and to identify sustainable outcomes while taking heed of all other plausible options."

"In addition, it allowed me to perform with a higher level of proficiency and to demonstrate extensive experience with the building code compliance competency. As engineers it is our responsibility to demonstrate and comply with the highest level of our code of ethics to create engineering solutions for sustainable future to the best of our ability."

Jainesh looks forward to returning to Fiji with his newfound expertise in earthquake strengthening and remedial engineering.

"My Master of Engineering Studies qualification at UC provided a great opportunity for me to contribute towards infrastructure development of my nation and uplift the design standards," he says.

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