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Student story

Lauren Buckeridge

20 July 2023

"Classics covers a wide range of time, people, languages, and locations...'"


Bachelor of Arts in Classics with a minor in Art History and Theory

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Classics

Editorial Assistant, New Zealand Listener, Bauer Media NZ, Auckland

Heading into university searching for her passion, Lauren discovered that she had a keen interest in the study of the ancient Mediterranean civilisations within Classics.

"By developing my knowledge and enthusiasm, my strengths became apparent too. The more I studied Classics, the more I enjoyed it and saw great results," she says. "That snowball effect was a great motivator to go back to university and study Classics year after year."

Lauren's study ranged from Greek theatre to Roman architecture. She particularly enjoyed exploring the archaeological aspects of the regions, supported by her minor studies tying art history with sociology and culture.

"Classics covers a wide range of time, people, languages, and locations, so take the time to experience it all and then narrow your focus. All the different aspects of Classics make it an extensive topic, and trying different approaches allowed me to focus on Classics in new ways.

"My minor in Art History and Theory was incredibly helpful too, so take inspiration from a wide range of topics."

Using the Academic Skills Centre in her last few years helped to direct her studies further with workshops improving work-ready skills.

"These were really insightful, and I'm glad I took part in them. I wish I attended more during my initial years at Uni too, as they gave great insight into how my academic skills can be used in the workforce."

Meanwhile the social activities Lauren participated in on campus, including joining Classoc, UC Rowing, DramaSoc, "and even the Glee Club!" made life outside study even more worth choosing UC besides her love of Christchurch.

"I think the culture is fantastic. There are always new places to see, shop or eat at. The city is so resilient and positive after all it's been through, and the UC staff and student groups really reflect that attitude.

"UC embraces and encourages diversity, which is what Christchurch is really all about. There's never a dull moment, both on and off campus. There was always a seminar, concert, or club event going on. The camaraderie between lecturers and students was great, and made my studies so enjoyable."

Another great advantage to studying at UC was access to the James Logie Memorial Collection of ancient artefacts, which Lauren had the amazing opportunity to support directly through an Arts internship course.

"It was a great addition to my studies, as it allowed me to be hands-on with material in the James Logie Memorial Collection. The internship allowed me to see the theoretical parts of my studies from a new and tangible perspective, which was incredibly invaluable. Also, it was great to put the abilities and unique skills learnt during my internship onto my CV."

Lauren says this experience was great preparation for her current work role after graduating, supporting the production of the New Zealand Listener magazine coordinating contributors, material and administration.

"Each day varies greatly from the next, and in the fast-paced environment of current affairs, I'm always busy. I love this aspect of my job, as I'm constantly learning. I've met some fantastic people in my job, and as I'm the main point of contact for the Listener; I've heard some incredible stories too.

"I really enjoy the media industry, so finding a position that combines my current industry with my passion for heritage and ancient art and architecture would be the ultimate goal. I would like to take my postgraduate studies further, but I plan on travelling first to see the magnificent architecture I studied during my degree."

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