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Student story

Bojana Rimbovska

20 July 2023

"Art History goes beyond studying visual culture..."


Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Art History and Theory, with a minor in Classics

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Art History

Master of Arts in Art History

Gallery Host, Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities

As someone with a passion for history and culture, studying Art History gives Bojana a unique insight into different communities, and knowledge around preserving important cultural artefacts.

"One of the best things about Art History is that it's such a varied field of study. It feeds into so many different areas and gives you a set of methodologies from which to look at something and make sense of it," she says. "Art History goes beyond studying a narrow band of visual culture – you get to explore topics like philosophy and aesthetics, history of science, advertising, and more."

Bojana discovered Art History after taking a first-year course that changed her whole perspective on the subject.

"This made me think in new ways and look at things more critically than I did before. My understanding of art history as a field began to change and I found it more exciting and relevant to my interests which made me pursue it further.

"It's also a very accessible subject – particularly the way it is structured at UC as you don’t need to have studied Art History in high school to take it at uni. The courses and assessments are designed to accommodate your own interests and allow you to bring in your own knowledge."

She received first-hand experience of what a career in Art History is like through the PACE 495 internship course, involving cataloguing and storage of canvas art by UC alumnus Philip Trusttum.

"Cataloguing and archival work is something I am interested in so to be able to go through the entire process of cataloguing, condition reporting, and photographing the object as well as learning a bit more about archival and conservation procedures was very useful and a bonus that it counted towards my degree.

"I would recommend getting involved with internships if you are able to because they are one of the ways you can get hands-on experience, broaden your skill set and further explore what it is you like about the field you are working in. They are a way you can apply your knowledge to a local project and build relationships with new people.

"I would also suggest heading out to local galleries/museums, art spaces, and art events to see what's happening and get involved. Chances are you’ll meet someone interesting and learn a lot through talking to people who all have a different interest in the arts."

Bojana had enrolled with a UC Undergraduate Scholarship after hearing good things from her high school teachers, and her expectations were met by the community in the Art History department.

"The teaching and support staff in the Art History department are fantastic and really made study enjoyable. They are there to support your own learning and have helped me to carve out a research pathway.

"Aside from the subject itself, I like having the green spaces around the campus to sit and work outside on a nice day and get some fresh air and sun. There are interesting spots in and around campus to explore. The friends I’ve made at UC have also made study so much more enjoyable. It's easy to grab some food or drink with someone during a break, or even sharing a study space with someone and having them there to bounce ideas off is really helpful."

One of the other more useful tools for her studies was the Academic Skills Centre, which developed her writing skills and helped her receive both a UC Arts Scholars Scholarship and a UC Senior Scholarship for her overall results.

"I think the Academic Skills Centre is such a useful support service for students at all stages of their studies. Talking to the advisors about how to deconstruct a piece of writing and understand how your ideas can be strengthened through changing your grammar or expression has helped me be more conscious of how I’m writing as well as what I’m writing about."

Hoping to focus her future career around Art History research, Bojana is currently doing a Master of Arts at UC.

"The Art History courses at UC complement one another well which helps build a strong foundation for postgrad study. The department and lecturers in particular are fantastic to work with and learn from, and I’ve felt completely supported by them throughout my four years here! They are very knowledgeable and their enthusiasm for the subject is evident in the way they teach which made me want to continue onto further study."

Bojana also gained some real-world experience through a role with Toi Moroki Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA), organising the set up and running of exhibitions.

Currently she has a casual role at the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities, helping with queries from visitors about the exhibits. 


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