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Student story

Elsa Hegarty

20 July 2023

"I am very proud of the work I have achieved throughout this degree..."


What pulled you towards Natural Resources Engineering?

I chose to study this degree as I wanted a challenge and to make a difference. Natural Resources Engineering involves looking at how can become more environmentally sustainable with our solutions and designs. I really enjoy my discipline as we look into a range of topics in climate change, resource shortages, urban planning, and how we can solve these current and future problems.

What’s the best part about it?

I love working in teams, and I have made so many close friends. This degree really puts you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to think outside the box. There are always lecturers, tutors, and people along the way to help and support you. I really enjoy the topics I have been studying and am constantly learning every day.

With my discipline we have been able to go on quite a few field trips. Last year we went around Nelson and Marlborough Region looking at different engineering projects, it was a really cool opportunity to see what is out there!

How has life at UC in general been so far?

The student life at UC is awesome! I really liked the University after going to it for high school field trips and Open Days, and thought it offered a really cool programme that has a lot of opportunities.

I love being part of clubs, going to events, and meeting new people every day. I am part of UC Woman in Engineering (WiE) so I help organise events alongside our committee.

Get involved, turn up, and make the most of what UC has to offer! The more opportunities you take the more fun and friends you will make.

Now that you’re an EngMe Mentor for new students, is there any advice you wish you had when you first started at UC?

When I first looked into studying Engineering I was really worried I wouldn’t be good enough. To anyone in the same position as I was, I want to say UC is super helpful and supportive in achieving your goals, so aim high! I am very proud of the work I have achieved throughout this degree.

So what are your future career plans?

After I graduate I have a broad range of options, whether it be working with land, soils, water air/atmosphere, renewable energy, or biological resources.

I would like work to work for a firm that has good values and aims to be sustainable and be part of something that helps the environment. I would also love to be part of Engineers Without Borders and help communities.

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