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Student story

Eden Long

20 July 2023

"It's amazing to be situated in a city within driving distance of some of the most beautiful spots in the world..."


Study Abroad student

Certificate of Proficiency Science

Her love for science and animals motivated Eden to pursue a career on Animal Behaviour.

“I was motivated to study Animal Behaviour by a combined love of science and animals. I have always been very interested in why things behave the way they do, and so the major seemed like an obvious choice. I want to do work in conservation after college, so this subject is also a nice base for heading in that direction.”

Eden’s interest in ecosystems and wildlife preservation and conservation made her decision to come to UC very simple.

“I was drawn to UC because of its reputation in the world of science. It’s difficult to name a country more dedicated to conservation than New Zealand, and UC exemplifies that value well. I wanted to come to UC to experience a culture outside my own, like most people who study abroad. I grew up in the town my university is located, so I thought a change of scenery especially one as beautiful as Canterbury would be good for me, both academically and personally.”

During her positive time in Christchurch, Eden noticed a lot of similarities with her home city in the USA.

“Christchurch is a lot like home in many ways. It’s similar enough that it was relatively easy to adjust to, while still being different enough that it is exciting and challenging at times. I find people here to be incredibly kind and laid back, it’s much like the environment I grew up in Midwestern America in that sense. I can see how the Kiwi laid-back attitude may be difficult to get used to for some Americans, but for me it is welcomed and familiar.”

Eden has taken part of various different activities around Christchurch, but her most memorable one is her horseback ride trip in Glenorchy.

“The best thing that’s happened to me is my trip to horse-back ride in Glenorchy over mid-semester break. It really is amazing to be situated in a city that is within driving distance of some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Traveling around the South Island was amazing, but even just exploring Christchurch and the Port Hills is one of the best parts of being here.”

Since her first day, Eden was impressed with all the opportunities and activities the UC campus does offer.

“One cool thing that is unique about UC’s campus is its Edible Campus principles. I thought that was so cool when I realised that there were lots of fruit trees planted around the campus and the student apartments. The campus is just so beautiful and so enjoyable to be in, and that wasn’t really advertised to me when I was thinking about coming here.”

Throughout her time at UC, Eden realised the unique learning experience UC offers their students.

“I think the quality of my education at UC is equal to my home university, Indiana University. The difference only is felt in the fact that I am learning in a much different way here than home. Being immersed in a different culture adds to the education I'm getting by being here too. I feel really lucky to go to two really wonderful schools.

“Course content is different here than home, and I think that's partly because this is a whole other part of the world. Taking marine biology within driving distance of incredibly diverse sea life locations (ie, Kaikōura) is way different than taking the same class in landlocked Indiana, USA, for instance. UC puts a lot more influence on studying on your own time than my home university. At home we have much more frequent testing and homework.”

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