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Student story

Falinamita Adinda

07 December 2023

IISMA study abroad semester in Commerce


Why did you choose to come to UC? 

I had a lot of options, but I chose UC for three main reasons: its location, reputation, and courses. I wanted to study in a country that was far from home and peaceful. UC has a lot of reputable graduates, and I found the other unis in New Zealand didn’t offer the courses that I want. 

How have you found UC overall? 

It’s so vibrant and fun. There’s a lot of support here, which encourages me to study and enjoy life here. It’s like a second home; I had a warm welcome right away. I came with a group of 10 other Indonesian students and they all feel the same!

What do you like about your studies here? 

I love how all the lecturers present the materials in engaging, interactive ways. It’s really preparing me to face the era of digitalisation. All the lecturers and tutors are so helpful, and they make things easy to understand.

One thing that’s very different from Indonesia is the flexibility with assignments. The lecturers think about our mental health and wellbeing, so it’s great to have more time for assignments and enjoy our time here in New Zealand. 

What is the international student support like at UC Business School?  

There is a lot of support in all aspects of life here, and it’s highly responsive. I can access all kinds of assistance, like help with my assignments or scholarship.

The Business School has a lounge that we can use to study and meet with groups, and there are regular catch-up sessions for us where we can talk, connect, and share our stories. 

What’s your favourite thing about UC life? 

What I like most is that UC prioritises students’ wellbeing. There are so many free events, food, and support – both academic and non-academic. If I need something, I can ask anyone; everyone is so helpful. I am highly encouraged to be active in class, and it’s helped me a lot. 

How do you find life in Christchurch? 

It’s easy to live here! It’s a compact city with various things to do. Everything is so accessible. I can go to Asian markets, which is nice to be able to cook home recipes. I can easily get around to explore the city and nature.

Everything here is easy to find, comfortable. There’s also an Indonesian community here so I can have a bit of home, too. 

What do you like most about life in New Zealand? 

I love the work-life balance here. I find New Zealand is a very peaceful and safe place. And there’s easy access to a lot of green spaces. It’s given me a chance to enjoy lots of new experiences.

How well do you think your degree is preparing you for your future career? 

I studied accounting back at my home uni, but in this era of digitalisation, I need something more. I wanted to combine accounting and information systems, so this degree is great preparation for my career. It helps me understand how I can manage data and combine it with accounting. 

Would you recommend UC to other international students? 

Yes, of course! I highly recommend it. I share my stories via my Instagram account to help attract the next batch of my scholarship programme. People have reached out to me and I tell them they won’t regret coming here. 

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