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Student story

Dhita de LaRoche

20 July 2023

"Understanding other countries' health systems could be used as the foundation for improving Indonesia's health system..."


Management of Health Sciences with an endorsement in Health Information Management

Having studied at Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya's Faculty of Medicine in Jakarta, Dhita came to the University of Canterbury to take her master's in Health Sciences.

“I had an interest in the non-clinical field of health, and a degree in Health Sciences, with an endorsement in Health Information Management was exactly the right thing for me to study,” she says. “Technology is on a fast track in research and development, and has a direct impact on the health field. This is beneficial in providing more efficient and effective health services. Better data management tools are therefore very important and that's what my study is providing.”

Dhita is keen to make use of her knowledge and contribute to her home country's health system.

“Understanding other countries' health systems and learning about their advantages and disadvantages could be used as the foundation for improving Indonesia's health system.”

Having moved to New Zealand for study, Dhita says that she has been made to feel very welcome, both at UC and in the wider community.

“The University personnel were a tremendous help, along with being friendly and approachable. And it is no surprise that people outside the University are the same, with most of the locals being just as friendly and helpful.

“UC itself is remarkable, not only for the education it provides, but also the informal services such as the Academic Skills Centre who assist with your writing skills, and even help you manage your time.”

Outside study she says there are a lot of clubs to join that will suit anyone's interests and provide a break from study workload.

“It is easy to balance your working life with your personal life.”

Compared to life in Jakarta, Christchurch has been a completely different experience for Dhita.

“It is clean, calm, laid back, has a small population but all the facilities you need,” she says. “New Zealand itself has beautiful scenery and will influence you to be active outdoors. I cannot believe how active I become there – biking, hiking, running, playing frisbee in the park, even just having a picnic under the sun.”

Since graduating her master’s, Dhita has made an exciting move to the USA, and started her journey through motherhood.

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