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Student story

Alice McSweeney

20 July 2023

"A main passion I identified is based around children and playing team sports..."


Bachelor of Health Sciences in Health Education

Business Manager and Receptionist, The Alpha Omega Clinic

It was through an internship in her final year of study that Alice first met “The Modern Caveman” Dr Carl Bamlet, a chiropractor and health advocate for the paleo diet.

"At the time, he was creating a TV show with episodes on different topics relating to various foods and ways of life, where he gave evidence and his own suggestions based on expert knowledge," Alice says. "I helped him writing the episode scripts by researching information and explaining concepts in a way that the general public will understand, as well as camera angles, music, and so forth."

The experience was definitely one-of-a-kind, and fitted perfectly with Alice's Health Sciences studies in Health Education.

"The BHSc has taught me countless skills that I can apply to any walk of life, but more specifically, those related to health and wellbeing.

"I now feel confident to stand up and speak in front of an audience big or small, I feel equipped with the skills required to plan and implement health programmes, and am now more aware of the numerous challenges that the health sector face including funding, staff, and adequate knowledge."

Having had an interest in health and nutrition since high school, the BHSc was a great solution for Alice wanting to head towards a non-clinical career path.

"I have always participated in team sports and engaged in physical activity and loved the energy it gave me, a purpose, a way to get to know new people through social environments, and I have always wanted others to have those same opportunities that I was given."

While UC was the only uni to offer her ideal study, Alice still found it had a "very inviting vibe about it" that made it worth the trip.

"I came down to the open days and toured some of the campus, and something about it really captured me," she says. "The atmosphere at UC is just so inviting and homely, and the people are great and accepting. I have made so many friends here at UC and it made studying here that much better. The lecturers are so approachable and are willing to go out of their way to help you out."

Coming down from Hamilton meant spending her initial year in University Hall accommodation on campus, which ended up being a good way to start at UC.

"The halls in first-year were a great experience that still gave a homely feel even though I was a long way from home. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there – the people, the atmosphere and social life. Would definitely recommend to those leaving home for the first time as you get the freedom of making your own choices, while still under the care of RA's."

Now graduated and following on from her internship, Alice continues to work with Dr Bamlet at The Alpha Omega Clinic, a chiropractic and nutrition service. Her role sees her dealing with day-to-day management tasks for the clinic, including booking appointments and stock ordering.

She is also putting together a cook book to sell at the clinic with nutritional paleo recipes, and does online health promotion through social media and websites.

Alice is also aiming to work on her own projects to help others towards healthier decision making and "to live their life to the fullest", such as becoming a holistic health coach.

"A main passion I have identified through a final year literature review is based around children and playing team sports – the impact of this has huge mental health benefits! I want to come up with a way that all children can have the opportunity to play and not have the huge associated costs. I know this is going to be a tricky one because it comes down to numerous aspects, but I will do it!

“My overall goal is to be able to have a positive influence on other people's health and wellbeing through encouraging healthy eating, exercising and engaging in physical activity, and having a healthy and positive image of themselves to lead a happy life," she says.

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