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Health Information Management

06 November 2023
This research-focused programme develops skills in technological health services and delivery.


Health Information Management


The rapid expansion of information technology, combined with an escalating demand for health services and changing patterns of health care delivery, have had a major impact on the health sector.

The transition from “Industrial Age Medicine” to “Information Age Health Care” (British Medical Journal - 1997, 314, 1495) has created unprecedented pressure for new ways to provide, present, manage, and monitor health information, with information technology central to these processes. Worldwide, there is now huge investment in such technology, which in one way or another is used by most health practitioners on a daily basis.

Advanced training in health information management is increasingly being sought by health sector administrators and managers, technical and support staff, and clinicians whose effective performance of their role is increasingly reliant on up-to-date and well-managed information.

The Health Information Management endorsement of the Postgraduate Diploma of Health Sciences, the Master of Health Sciences, and the Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice will prepare you to be employable and/or provide leadership in health information systems within Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally.

Health Information Management

Health Information Management


This endorsement begins in either February (Semester 1) or July (Semester 2).


Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences

This 120-point pathway consists of these compulsory courses:

Master of Health Sciences

This 240-point research pathway consists of two parts, with these compulsory courses:

Part I

Part II


Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice

This 180-point practical pathway consists of these compulsory courses:

Health Information Management

Career opportunities

Postgraduate study can bring many career benefits eg, specialist skills and enhanced knowledge, entry into specific occupations, higher starting salary/progression rates, research capability/achievement, and evidence of high academic attainment/self-discipline.

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